Scandinavian style fan

Scandinavian style fan, I found the perfect wardrobe for back to school

Minimalist and well-cut, the Saks Potts wardrobe for fall-winter 2021-2022 sets the tone for back-to-school

trends. With the ultimate fashion craving, a pair of vintage Manolo Blahnik. Chic and responsible. 

Thursday, August 12, 10:00, Saks Potts fashion show. For the third and last day of Fashion Week in Copenhagen,

a handful of fashionable personalities and journalists flock to Charlottenlund, a municipality located north

of the Danish capital, home to the private residence of architect Arne Jacobsen. A place dear to the creative

duo, as Barbara Potts underlines it “We love Arne Jacobsen’s architecture. The house belonged to him and

Cathrine and I, when we were children, were always attracted by clothes, of course, but also by art and

architecture. Every time we saw this house, we were in awe.”

  1. Saks Potts fall-winter 2021-2022
  2. James Cochrane
  3.  This is kind of our dream dressing room!

Echoing this modern, streamlined space, Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts envision a wardrobe that is very

much of its time, modeled after their own desires and those of contemporary women, with each piece named

after someone close to the designers. “Last year, we took the brand in a new direction. Saks Potts of

course keeps its essence but the monogram has changed as well as the designs. We also wanted to create

more full looks. No more just pants, jackets… We designed this collection as a wardrobe with pants,

t-shirts, coats, with perfect cuts and details. It’s a bit like the dressing room of our dreams! So a

series of tweed coats and merino wool sweaters comforting, trench workwear effects with a multitude of

pockets, oversized pants with boyish charm or small silk dresses ideal at nightfall …

Saks Potts fall-winter 2021-2022

James Cochrane

In terms of fashion, the Scandinavian always looks good. Like the French woman, she invests in good basic essentials,

always knowing how to bring this twist, practical, above all. This is demonstrated by a series of accessories

that are functional but not without style, such as belts with carabiners or tote bags upgraded with micro-pockets

to hold AirPods. 

Fashion, yes, but responsible.

Saks Potts fall-winter 2021-2022

James Cochrane

When it comes to responsibility, Scandinavian brands are always one step ahead, and Saks Potts is no exception.

“We’ve always tried to be environmentally conscious and we’ll continue to do that, even more so. We don’t like

to use the word sustainability because it would be nonsense given that we work in fashion. However, for each

of our decisions, whether it is the choice of fabrics for example, we always ask ourselves what we could do to

become even more responsible. We already use organic or recycled materials. Everything is indicated on our website.

I think being responsible is essential today, all brands should become responsible, big or small, although it

is complicated when you are a small company because it is still very expensive.” Saks Potts fall/winter 2021-2022

James Cochrane

And it’s in this green logic that the duo called on the house of Manolo Blahnik for the time of the show,

shoeing their silhouettes with models from the archives of the 90’s/00’s (yet another homage to the style

of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Training, whose paparazzi were the ultimate inspiration for the Saks Potts spring-summer 2021 lookbook). Good news:

part of the collection is already available on… All you have to do is find a pair of vintage

Manolo Blahnik! 

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