The 100% recycled sneakers : Veja x Surfrider

The 100% recycled sneakers : Veja x Surfrider

A pair of denim-style sneakers:, made entirely of recycled materials to fight for the protection of the oceans: this is the new fashion statement

proposed by Veja for spring; . Designed in collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation Europe association, this pair of athleisure shoes takes the

sustainable fashion trend up a notch: . This season, Veja unveils a new pair of sneakers that echoes its commitment to using environmentally friendly

materials. In collaboration with Surfrider Foundation Europe, the association created in 1990 by a group of surfers,

the sneakers are made entirely from recycled plastic and feature an insole printed with a pattern representing

plastic bottles and cigarette butts. Made in Brazil:, this unisex ocean colored pair tries to raise awareness about the protection of oceans, lakes and rivers, heavily

Sneakers model “Wata”, Veja x Surfrider Foudation Europe, 80 euros