The 5 pieces a man should always have in his wardrobe according to the founder of summer’s coolest label

The 5 pieces a man should always have in his wardrobe according to the founder of summer’s coolest label

With its subdued shorts and light shirts, Commas is the label you won’t want to leave all summer.

In 2022, Richard Jarman founded his brand, Commas, named like a pause in our hectic lives, as if it was

essential to catch our breath for a moment. In each of his collections, the Australian designer gives

pride of place to the seaside lifestyle. His latest wardrobe proves it again, with handmade garments from

Sydney, featuring extra-large hoodies, comfortable linen pants, camel shorts, and the ever-desirable swimsuits.

From his beginnings in fashion to the person he would dream of seeing wearing his collections, not to

mention his sunny inspirations, Richard Jarman talks to Vogue France in an exclusive interview. View more Commas signs a collection inspired by a heavenly hotel to extend the summer

By Alexandre Marain JORDAN WHY NOT ZER0 How did you get interested in fashion?

Richard Jarman. “It’s not something I ever wanted to work in. I come from a family of swimmers, and it

all started with a swimwear project in my spare time. There was a lot to learn in the beginning – I did

a lot of research with a sense of curiosity and fun, and met some really amazing local designers, business

owners and friends who were happy to share their advice and experiences very generously. When Commas launched,

the response completely exceeded my expectations – we almost immediately signed with MatchesFashion.

Alex Johnstone

Where does the name Commas come from?

I like to think of “Commas” as “a pause to catch your breath.” It’s about choosing to be present in that moment.

The name comes from the comma in a sentence that reminds you to catch your breath before continuing. The more

I think about it, the more I feel like this is a very powerful thing. When you’re speaking in public, for

example, it’s that pause that allows you to connect with your audience, to allow what you just said to sink

in and have some impact.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I’ve spent my whole life by the sea and a few years ago I started swimming every morning at sunrise. This

is the most inspiring time of my day, as it is where I connect with my thoughts and nature. The beach where

I swim faces east, so the sunrises are most breathtaking. I also watch a lot of classic movies and stock photos

of celebrities like Joan Leigh Fermor and Herbert List to get a sense of how men’s style has evolved over

time, to see what worked well before and how to incorporate it into something fresh and contemporary. Www Unisportstore Com Football365 Nike Fc React Sneaker Blackgreen Limited Edition 177705 Jorge Perez


Jorge Perez

You live in Australia. What do you find in this country that you can’t find anywhere else?

The lifestyle is simply unique. It’s all about the sun, the water and the outdoors. I was once told that it

would take me 30 years to see all the beautiful beaches in Australia. It’s a place where you feel endlessly

inspired. We explore different places that show up each season in Commas’ photos.

Can you tell us about your latest collection?

It’s an ode to the outdoor lifestyle. It’s a very textured collection, focused on the art of handmade clothing.

We were lucky enough to make everything here in Sydney, including the hand-knit sweaters and T-shirts. We brought

in a knitting expert extraordinaire, John Macarthur. He is a legend in Australia, having made custom knits for

all the top models in the 1980s and 1990s.

Who would I dream of wearing my collections? Salvador Dalí.

What are some of Commas’ signature pieces?

When it comes to silhouettes, we have a fairly classic approach, but it’s really the textures and feel that

have become a signature. Just like the original hand-painted artwork found on our shirts and swimwear.

Who would you dream of wearing your collections?

Salvador Dalí. His summer outfits and villas have always been part of my moodboards, so it would be “surreal”

to see him in the collection.

What are your three fashion essentials?

A signature perfume (I use “Tabacco Toscano” by Santa Maria Novella)

Leather sandals

A bathrobe for home and after swimming

What are the 5 pieces a man and woman should always have in their wardrobe?

The line between women’s and men’s fashion is so blurred these days, which is great. Everyone should have access

to the same essentials. My partner Emma and I couldn’t live without:

  1. An XXL button-down cotton shirt
  2. A nice swimsuit
  3. A hand-knit sweater, ideally with a crew neck
  4. A bathrobe, in silk, linen or terry cloth
  5. A pair of leather sandals
  6. What do you think is the sexiest item of clothing?
  7. A nice fitted tank top.
  8. Your style in a few words ?
  9. I’ve been told I dress like I’m still on vacation.

nike 6

Jorge Perez

If you could live in a different era?

I would say the late 1960s, early 1970s. I’ve always loved disco and I can’t imagine what it would have

been like to experience that energy firsthand.

What is the biggest challenge for a designer today?

After the Covid pandemic, where we had to live confined, I think the biggest challenge for me has been

to re-train myself not to default back to looking for digital inspiration, but rather to make sure I’m

experiencing things that spark my curiosity. You know, going to see exhibitions again, going to those

bookstores where you find old photography books that you would have never heard of otherwise, beautifultrainers, meeting people and seeing what they wear or talk about in real life, and of course, travel is very important

to us… On a more general note, it’s always hard to launch your brand, especially when you’re up against larger

companies with a lot more resources . I really think it’s important not to compartmentalize. Your strength as a young brand lies as much in your own

qualities and the product you create as in the community you build around it. You have to keep getting out of your

bubble if you want to reach people.

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