The world of street style deciphered in a podcast

on which side of the camera you are on) come about? And why is it so important today? Answer in the new

episode of “Fashion No Filter”, the podcast of Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley.

We set the scene: February 2022 in New York, the temperature is around -7°, the wind blows like never before

and the city is deserted. Except for Soho and particularly the Spring Place studio, a co-working space

where the Michael Kors fashion show is held, . Outside, it’s the ebullition, a human tide of photographers rushes around the guests, blocking the traffic

and causing a concert of horns and cries. It’s Fashion Week:, and apart from a few insiders, nobody understands what’s going on. Appeared a few years ago, especially with

photographers Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman, the street style is a concept that exceeds the common man . A fashion topic that is the subject of debate and is the heart of the new episode of Fashion No Filter;

running shoe, the podcast led by Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley. On the menu: interviews, debates and live with a coverage

of the Paris Fashion Week, during which the two girls followed Sandra Semburg, the official photographer of

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Photo : Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley by Sandra Semburg