This French designer proves that upcycling is the future of fashion

This French designer proves that upcycling is the future of fashion

This Sunday;, March 6, Atlein put recycling at the center of its fall-winter 2022-2023 collection, signing a wardrobe as fashionable

as it is responsible. 

In a setting that recreates its workshop within the walls of the Palais de Tokyo, Atlein plunges its audience into the heart of its creative frenzy in an ingenious, almost playful way, for the duration

of a fashion show: cpescortservice . We quickly understand that like art, Antonin Tron’s fashion is instinctive or not . Mannequins, scraps of fabric and bursts of color make up the installation, around which the models parade in

a perfect choreography. Immersed, we are ready to discover a collection more than ever thought. Deciphering.

A fashion dictated by materials

Because since its inception Antonin Tron seeks to develop a positive and sustainable fashion, it is indeed on this

point that he has once again distinguished himself for the fall-winter 2022-2023 season. With the desire to create

silhouettes with less environmental impact, he took on the challenge of creating new with old (a practice commonly

called upcycling). To do so, he and his team reworked the previous season’s clothes, bleached the prints, recycled

the fabrics, while experimenting with innovative materials such as his vegetable leather. But what is even more

interesting is the use of waste. We immediately think of the dress for which the whole room held its breath, which

accumulated hundreds of coffee pods in a mesh effect that is reminiscent of the mythical creation of Paco Rabanne.

Collected, crushed and then assembled with each other with recovered jewels, the used capsules are here sublimated.

And to go with it, the designer even went so far as to take epoxy, a resin often used to make surfboards, as the

base material to develop a line of handmade jewelry.

Also, the collection took a new turn when the Frenchman dipped into his most personal world, cutting up his old

fetish t-shirts from the bands Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy and Tones on Tail to make draped tops and dresses.

Draping, a central element of Antonin Tron’s creative process, has actually become obsessive here: an array of

jersey drapes (his favorite material) molded onto the body references Madame Grès’ sculpted dresses and doesn’t

even spare the kiteboarding canvases collected from his surfing friends. 

Energetic femininity

After studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the young Frenchman worked for Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga

and Givenchy, before launching his own brand, Atlein. A first collection in Paris in 2022, the Grand Prix of ANDAM

in 2022… He is now ready to showcase his singular vision of fashion. His credo? Ultra-desirable pieces that reflect

the allure of a free woman. “These are pieces for an active woman who works, moves, and understands her body as

an ally in life,” he explained about his very first collection. This idea of the body and movement directly echoes

sports, especially surfing, which Antonin Tron practices (the name Atlein is a reference to the Atlantic Ocean).

A universe that he lets infuse on his fashion, as dynamic as refreshing. 

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