This Spanish designer reveals her summer fashion wishlist

This Spanish designer reveals her summer fashion wishlist 

From the launch of her vintage brand to her fashion inspirations, Blanca Miró gives us a sunny interview and reveals

her summer fashion wishlist. 

Easily identifiable by her long blonde mane, her sparkling smile and her always flamboyant outfits, Blanca Miró has

definitely established herself as one of those girls who count in the Spanish fashion scene. A joyful mix of eccentric

prints, bold colors, and pieces found in thrift stores or from cutting-edge fashion houses, her style is more than

recognizable, it’s her own. Sought after and personal, it perfectly reflects her sunny personality. It is thus quite

naturally that this style – become today her trademark – pushed the stylist native of Barcelona, to found her own label:

La Veste. It is with her best friend, Maria de la Orden, that she launched this beautiful adventure in 2022. If at

the beginning, the collections were concentrated around a mono-obsession, the blazer, they extend today to the ready-to-wear,

the accessory and the lifestyle, with a range of objects for the house with vitaminized colors. The inspiration? “We

love to reinvent our grandmothers’ and mothers’ old pieces into new vintage-inspired items,” she explains. A result

of the pieces all more offbeat than the others, with Mediterranean accents.

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Fashion interview with Blanca Miró

And because the brand’s latest collection, “Tessa en Verano”, reflects everything the tandem knows best – that is,

pieces with 70s references inspired by memories of their childhood spent by the sea – we asked Blanca Miró to tell

us about her fashion favorites of summer 2022. Interview. 

How would you describe your fashion world?

Blanca Miró: I would simply describe it as my own colorful and fun universe. It’s the game I like to play. 

Your first fashion memory?

Going into my mother’s wardrobe and pretending to be the owner of my little clothing store, doing her hair and “selling”

her own stuff! It was pretty funny. 

 “At first, The Jacket Project wasn’t something very serious, but it ended up becoming our daily business.”

What is the story behind The Jacket? 

When Maria and I decided to start The Jacket, we called it that because we wanted to design and produce only blazers.

After a year of doing just that, we decided to expand our collections and add pants, shirts, dresses, accessories…

It’s very satisfying to see how well we have been welcomed in this fashion industry by all these amazing women who

have strong personalities and love to play our game. In general, all these women are not only interested in fashion

but also in general culture. 

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Your favorite piece from the current collection? 

The new dungarees in the first fabric we used to create our first pants, the Pippi pants. She’s back because the demand

was so great and we’re so happy that the first member of the La Veste family is back with us.

Javier Montanes

La Veste – Pippi Pants 04

180 €

The Jacket Buy now What inspired you to co-found your brand?

We didn’t think about it so much when we decided to start it and I’m sure that’s the secret of La Veste. At first

it wasn’t something very serious, but it ended up becoming our daily business and we work on it a lot now. María

and I are adventurous, and we couldn’t not try it when we had the idea. 

  • 3 words to describe it?
  • Fun, naivety, joy. 
  • The latest fashion pieces you’ve treated yourself to? 

A vintage Jean Paul Gaultier top and skirt that I found in a small store in Biarritz. Vintage hunting is my favorite

thing to do in my free time to find inspiration for new pieces at La Veste. 

Jean Paul Gaultier – Vintage tank top

220 €

195 €

Jean Paul Gaultier via Vestiaire Collective Buy now

From the launch of her vintage brand to her fashion inspirations

Jean Paul Gaultier – Vintage silk maxi skirt

155 €

Jean Paul Gaultier via Vestiaire Collective Buy now What are your fashion inspirations? 

Traveling, meeting new people, visiting every corner of my city and the ones I have the opportunity to


How to wear the mix and match of colors and prints well according to you? 

It’s just something that needs to be natural, if you force the mix of prints and colors and you don’t

feel comfortable, everyone will notice. It’s all about attitude.

What do you think is the trend to follow this summer? 

Miniskirts? But I don’t like to follow trends, I like to go back to the old trends and bring them up

to date. 

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What’s your current fashion obsession on your wishlist?

A huge cognac-colored natural leather Celine bag.

Is there a piece of jewelry that never leaves you? 

Yes, my husband’s ring, and two Margaret Jewels bracelets engraved with my husband’s name and my name. 

Do you have a fashion or beauty icon? 

My mom. She always takes care of herself, and she is beautiful and healthy. 

What is your current beauty routine? 

I moisturize a lot because my skin is very delicate.

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What about your hair care routine?

I don’t brush my hair a lot so that it looks a bit like “just woken up” hair in the morning. I use a

hair cream after the shower and I don’t wash it. 

Your favorite scent?

Orangerie by Dyptique.

Diptyque – Eau de toilette Eau des Sens, orange blossom, juniper berries & patchouli

85 €

Diptyque via Buy now Any future projects you can tell us about?

Maintain La Veste, Delarge sunglasses which is my newest brand and Vasquiat (our ecommerce).  

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