Video: 7 daysVideo: 7 days, 7 looks: how does Kaia Gerber dress every day


7 days, 7 looks: how does Kaia Gerber dress every day?

A date, a night out with friends, a day at the office … From Monday to Sunday, for each situation, the young

fashionable supermodel Kaia Gerber reveals her favorite outfits,, mixing designer pieces and clothes from the Nineties borrowed from her mother the supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Dive into Kaia Gerber’s wardrobe with Vogue Paris, for the 7 days, 7 looks series.

“The best style advice my mom ever gave me is: : less is more!”. Rising fashion star Kaia Gerber invited us into her dressing room, to reveal to Vogue all

the looks she wears in a week; . From Monday to Sunday, from an office look to the loungewear she wears to go get a coffee;

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, through a look for an evening with friends, Kaia Gerber reveals her favorite pieces. A mix of designer pieces

and 90’s inspired clothes, similar to those worn by her mother Cindy Crawford.

 Fitted blazers, flare jeans, black boots, leather vest … Dive into Kaia Gerber’s dressing room to copy

her effortless chic look.

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