Video: Rosalia shares the secrets of her look for the Met Gala 2022

Video: Rosalia shares the secrets of her look for the Met Gala 2022

From her makeup to her outfit, zoom in on all the steps needed to prepare Rosalia. 

For her second Met Gala, the Spanish singer decided to call on the talents of Matthew Williams, artistic director

of Givenchy. In keeping with the theme of the event – In America: An Anthology of Fashion – Rosalia appeared in

an immaculate custom-made outfit with lots of couture details: edanfidler . From a pearl-encrusted dress and gloves to a corset with puffy sheer sleeves and even sunglasses, the

star was completely caught up in the Met Gala.

“It’s been three weeks – a record time – since Matthew and I started preparing the concept and execution

of the concept” Rosalia 

 Regarding the process in terms of the look, Rosalia explains, “We were looking for something elegant first

and foremost but also in the same spirit as what I normally like, which is a sleek look, a little more

highlighted mouth, bushy eyebrows. It made sense to me to go with a fairly simple makeup look given the

fact that the dress has a lot of detail.” The result, breathtaking, is undoubtedly up to the preparation. 

Video: Rosalia’s look for the Met Gala 2022:

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