Video: what does Lily Collins’ wardrobe look like

Video: what does Lily Collins’ wardrobe look like?

Just for you, the star of the series

Have you been following the crazy adventures of Emily Cooper in the Netflix series directed by Darren

Star and that shook the fashion planet, Emily in Paris? This video is for you. Because we talk about fashion

with Lily Collins, aka Emily herself! Something to look forward to before the airing of the highly anticipated

season 2, where we will find her adventures full of twists and turns within the Savoir agency.  View more Lily Collins married Charlie McDowell in a magical Ralph Lauren lace wedding dress

Lily Collins got married… and her wedding to Charlie McDowell was a dream, from the venue to the Ralph

Lauren lace wedding dress.

By Elise Taylor

So the 32-year-old actress and model opened the doors of her wardrobe to Vogue’s cameras at her Los Angeles home

to show off the highlights. Starting with a sweatshirt from her high school, the Harvard Westlake. A casual and

vintage garment carefully preserved and which has a symbolic importance for Lily Collins: “On the front, it says:

‘All the cool kids are doing it’. Peer Support was my high school’s support group, and almost everyone was in

it. It was a therapy group for teens and we would meet every Monday to talk about our fears, our problems, what

we were going through, and it was really an amazing way to connect with other kids. I trained as a teen therapist,

and I truly believe that this experience in the support group helped develop my motivations today as an adult

to connect with other youth and express the fact that we all feel the same emotions and that we are never alone,

which also inspired my book. So this sweater is very dear to my heart.” A basic that would be perfectly matched

with the straight cut Levi’s jeans that the young woman also particularly likes. “It’s very important to me because

I wore it to the last Chanel show I attended, where there was Karl Lagerfeld. It was the fall-winter 2022 collection,

haute couture. I love it because I love the idea of pairing jeans with this great top that I was wearing,, a little cropped jacket that he had designed. I’ve always loved the mix of chic, simple and natural that Karl loved,”

commented Lily Collins.

Speaking of Chanel, she can’t resist the urge to bring out her pair of heels custom-made by the house on rue Cambon

for the Debutante Ball at the Hôtel de Crillon. For the anecdote: “There is even, on the right foot, a part of the

dress which remained hung on the back of the shoe, because while running in the corridors of the Crillon, my dress

got stuck in the elevator and my shoe tore it off. I think it’s cool, so I never took it off.” Girl-next-door essentials

as well as standout pieces – right down to the metal headpiece worn at the 2022 Met Gala with her Givenchy look – eclectic

video review. 

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