Vintage: the 5 best thrift stores in Lille where to find a fashion nugget

Vintage: the 5 best thrift stores in Lille where to find a fashion nugget

Small tour of vintage addresses in the North of France where to find (for sure) the rare pearl: . In 2022, fashion has not finished plebisciting vintage. Whether it’s for durability or style, thrift

stores are blooming as far as the eye can see (and well beyond the capital!) and the wardrobes of yesteryear

are more desirable than ever. A success that is not without displeasure, since it allows you to (re)discover

the decades that have marked fashion through carefully preserved pieces;, but also to minimize your ecological impact by turning away from new. So whether you’re looking for a rare pearl

or simply a better way to consume, here is a compilation of addresses in Lille that, like a practical guide, will

be useful to all those who are still looking for the right place to find beautiful treasures.

What are the good thrift stores in Lille (and its surroundings) to know? , ; Maiterama Vintage

Let’s go to the Vieux-Lille, where we discover this small store specialized in vintage fashion from the

90s and 2000s: . A Balmain corset, a Courrèges swimsuit, a Mugler vinyl jacket, but also tracksuits and tight tops that delightfully

transport us 30 years back… The founder, Maïté, hunts for her own pieces during her free time and offers a range

as eclectic as unique, to be found every Saturday afternoon. 

The address: Maiterama Vintage, 2 bis Rue Princesse, 59800 Lille


Here, we are not afraid of color and assume the nostalgia of the seventies to the end. In this small space where shopping

looks like a treasure hunt:, floral shirts, eccentric long dresses, high-waisted jeans, fringed jackets, corduroy, gingham prints and a whole

bunch of crochet pieces await you. Opened by a young couple only last summer, Volume is without a doubt the thrift

store that was missing in the city; . The address: Volume Vintage, 69 Rue Henri Kolb, 59000 Lille

Be Bop Vintage

A stone’s throw from the Palais des Beaux-Arts, this long-established store is full of high-end and luxury

vintage pieces:, including Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, Kenzo and Burberry, as well as more affordable ones.

There’s plenty of time to try on 80’s and 90’s trends, under the expert advice of Rodrigue, the former photographer

behind Be Bop Vintage. And because special attention is paid to the quality of the clothes, they are made in

France or made in Italy. 

The address: Be Bop Vintage, 2 Rue Nicolas Leblanc, 59000 Lille

Chez Tony

A thrift store belonging to the Tony La Fripe chain:, born in 2022 from a common idea of two brothers, this Lille address is the place to be for all vintage sportswear

lovers from the 1980s to 2000 . You can find Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Fila, but also luxury pieces by Versace, Fendi or Yves Saint Laurent.

Moreover, the articles are chosen one by one from French, European and American suppliers in order to guarantee

a sharp selection.

The address: Chez Tony, 33 Rue des trois Mollettes, 59800 Lille

Fripeur Le Dauphin

Largely influenced by urban culture, Fripeur Le Dauphin offers a trendy streetwear wardrobe while positioning

itself on zero waste: Chicago White Sox . The founders of this thrift store started out with the desire to change the consumption behavior of the inhabitants

of their city. They select, collect and reuse clothes in their store located in Roubaix, a few kilometers from Lille.

All this in a collaborative approach (notably with local associations) dedicated to the respect of the environment. 

The address: Fripeur Le Dauphin, 90 Grande Rue, 59100 Roubaix

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