Vogue exclusive: Tim Cook talks about the future of fashion and augmented reality

Vogue exclusive: Tim Cook talks about the future of fashion and augmented reality

At the end of September, Burberry – which is used to using new technologies – launched a new augmented reality (AR)

feature in its iPhone app. It allows users to take photos by adding digital illustrations made by artist Danny Sangra,

and share them with their friends on social networks.


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This feature was created using ARKit, a new tool from Apple that makes it easier for software developers to build

AR experiences on iPhones and iPads. Unveiled at the annual developer conference in June, the tool officially

entered the market with the launch of iOS 11, the latest software update for iPhone and iPad in September. Since

then, several major retailers have begun experimenting with the technology, showing us what shopping in the future

might look like. Last month, Ikea and Anthropologie launched new versions on their apps allowing customers to

see if a new chair or lamp would fit in their living room – and in Anthropologie’s case, customers can even test

different fabrics and colors.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, these examples are nothing compared to the impact augmented reality will ultimately

have on fashion and shopping. In an interview with Vogue in London on Tuesday, the leader of the world’s largest

tech company said that this new technology will transform everything from fashion shows to buying a pair of sneakers.

“I think every sector and industry will be impacted by AR,” he said.

Fashion shows particularly lend themselves to AR intervention, Cook added: “If you’re watching runway shows in

the fashion world, it’s a great AR application, because you want to see the dress from all angles, not just the

front.” That kind of experience is even more important now that runway shows are speaking to a wider audience

online, not just those sitting in the front row, he said. https://erunbarkingcheap.hatenablog.com/entry/2022/01/05/233328 Exclusive Apple CEO Tim Cook future fashion augmented reality 2

In recent years: http://kasparormeston.eklablog.com/adidas-originals-eqt-gazelle-glow-blue-adidas-originals-gazelle-grey-a212641613, tech startups and brands like Rimmel and Gap have launched apps that invite shoppers to virtually “try on” makeup

and clothing. But none of these apps were developed enough to top the real physical experience of a matte foundation

or pants in-store. Is that now about to change? Cook says he doesn’t think the technology will reach that level “this

year,” but he predicts an important role for AR in the online shopping experience – and potential for offline apps

as well https://www.click4r.com/posts/g/4447131/balenciaga-over-the-knee-sneakers-balenciaga-over-the-knee-boots-balenciaga . Another interesting possibility for AR and fashion is image recognition. Imagine you’re out to lunch,

and you see a woman walking by wearing a beautiful coat: https://squareblogs.net/jamrate74/nike-air-zoom-pegasus-35-grey-pink-nike-air-zoom-pegasus-35-pink-grey-nike-air . Who designed it? Is it from last season or is it still on sale? Discreetly, you quickly scan her coat with your

smartphone, discover it’s available on Farfetch, and a few minutes later, it’s ready for delivery.

To achieve this, Apple would have to set up a huge database of clothing, shoes, and other items that would serve

as a reference on our phones. Cook explained that this is not currently on the agenda, but that Apple does intend

to support companies that embark on such an adventure. “We don’t have plans to collect all of these items, but

I know that some companies are working on it for their products. If you think about brands that have a lot of

shoes, and [if a customer] sees a pair and wants it, they should be able to just point to it and [buy it] http://vephentmaco1975.unblog.fr/2022/04/17/terrex-adidas-free-hiker-adidas-free-hiker/ . That will be part of the shopping experience of the future:


, for sure.”

Another area in which Apple, AR, and fashion could come together: eyewear. For years, tech bloggers have been

salivating at the idea of Apple-designed AR glasses – glasses that would offer better functionality than the ill-fated

Google Glass, and with a better look. But bloggers will have to wait a little longer. “There are rumors that companies

are working on it, and obviously we’re not disclosing what we’re working on. But today, I can tell you that the

technology to do it with good quality doesn’t exist,” Cook said. We don’t care about being first, we want to be

the best at creating experiences for people. If we were to release a product to the market soon, it wouldn’t be

something we’d be happy with.”

Photo credit: Alastair Nicol