What are the 5 pairs of shoes a woman should have in her wardrobe according to this expert

What are the 5 pairs of shoes a woman should have in her wardrobe according to this expert?

“The shoe makes or breaks an outfit. It even defines the overall style.”

This is one of the most popular shoe brands for the new fashion generation. With its minimalist yet sophisticated

designs, Italian conception, reasonable prices and sleek image, the German brand aeyde has conquered the fashion

Barnum… And its protagonists who happily wear its time-tested models. Meeting with its creator Luisa Dames.

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The ultimate shoe trends of 2020? Luisa Dames: “The combat boots and their spiked soles that continue

to take the fashion by storm, but perhaps, in a softer way with more feminine models. But also the lace-up

boots, Victorian-inspired, that we twist with a new, more contemporary design. They’re the perfect added

value to a midi dress that’s a little bohemian or Bermuda shorts paired with a t-shirt or shirt.” skateboarding997030135 Darja Barannik’s Instagram

The trends we’re embracing from the new aeyde collection? “For the first time, we’re exploring and experimenting

around lace-up boots: different lengths, from the mid-high to the knee-high version. Moreover, the latter

is definitely making a comeback and we bet on this strong and feminine statement. As for the colors, the

palette is infused with mineral tones while the predominant materials have something textured like embossed

leather or faux crocodile.”

How do you wear them? “I like everyone to make the aeyde style their own. For my part, I particularly like

the return of the miniskirt, or the high-waisted dresses that you wear with those knee-high boots.” http://idea.informer.com/users/foxdrug31/?what=personal

  1. aeyde 
  2. 5 pairs of shoes a woman should always have in her wardrobe?
  3. “Versatile styles that are suitable for any occasion,” she says.

“Number 1: a pair of timeless booties with small heels to adopt every day.

Number 2: other boots but this time with a higher heel for the evening.

Number 3: For the most formal occasions, such as dinner with the in-laws, pretty pumps with closed toes.

Number 4: Strappy sandals, like spartan shoes, for summer evenings.

Number 5: A pair of graphic mules that are fashionable yet reliable enough to withstand any long summer day.”

Your ultimate style tip in terms of shoes? “A pair of 501 jeans and a simple white tee are as much of a must-have

as a good pair of booties. Wear them together, it’s the perfect effortless, timeless and feminine equation. And in

the evening switch the t-shirt for a silk shirt, and the jeans why not for a high-waisted skirt.”

What’s the star sandal trend of the summer? “A contemporary incarnation of the 90s style with straps: our Larissa

model. A minimal model even in its shades: hazelnut, cream or natural python. ”


aeyde’s Instagram

The ayede style in three words? “Refined, simple and relaxed.”

What are ayede’s inspirations? “Since our inception, we have been inspired by modern women, through their

multiple identities and secrets.”

What is the ultimate faux pas in terms of footwear? “The shoe makes or breaks an outfit. It even defines

the overall style. If you wear trendy booties, tone down the look. 

“Never overdo it and never wear high heels with skinny jeans.”

Your iconic boot? “Our Leandra boot which definitely has an iconic design. With its strong heel, subtle

square toe and ankle boundary it has been a staple since the beginning.” OTHER Leandra Boots


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