What is Bottega Series

What is Bottega Series, Bottega Veneta’s new sustainable project?

Bottega Veneta is about to launch Bottega Series, a sustainable approach to consumption in an increasingly greedy


Bottega Veneta remains one of the hottest brands in the fashion world, with its Cassette and Jodie bags being favorites

of both stars and industry professionals. Now, the Italian house has decided to capitalize on the longstanding

popularity of its designs by launching Bottega Series: a new section of its website that allows customers to purchase

bags from the previous season.

“Pieces that are timeless don’t need to adhere to a seasonal calendar” – Leo Rongone

Each month, the brand will offer archival designs from its own inventory. Twelve designs, including the Banana

and Cabat bags, are currently available. Interestingly, the bags will be offered for sale at the last price at

which they were sold, rather than being discounted, as is usually the case with previous season’s models. View more Bottega Veneta takes platform shoes to a new level

For his first collection in Milan, Matthieu Blazy relies on pieces with timeless cuts, but not without elegance

and cool.

By Alexandre Marain

What is Bottega Series

www Products designed to last

“Bottega Series’ philosophy challenges the very construction of seasons, pieces that are timeless don’t

need to adhere to a seasonal calendar,” Leo Rongone, CEO of the brand, who announced the launch on stage

at the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen, tells Vogue. “Instead, we focus on creating remarkable singular

objects that last forever. We wanted to showcase the exceptional craftsmanship and materials required

to make these pieces and offer a glimpse into how intrecciato has been used in so many ways across multiple


Watchword: sustainability

Alongside the launch of Bottega Series, the brand has been working behind the scenes to improve the sustainability

of its products, including via a new internal app that rates each product out of five stars (or rather five triangles).

“Every product we develop and produce is rated based on how close or far we are from our 2025 sustainability goals,”

Leo Rongone explained during the summit.

Lifetime warranty

While Bottega Veneta continues to work on reducing its environmental impact, the focus has always been on making

products that are built to last, with the brand set to launch a lifetime warranty that allows customers to repair

their bags down the line. “In a society that encourages customers to consume more and more frequently, our mindset

is to keep products in use longer, reducing the need for replacement and, as a result, decreasing the environmental

footprint,” concludes the brand’s CEO. “True luxury requires time. We count the days, not the hours, to make our

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