Who are the 3 designers who will walk the runway for VFiles this spring-summer 2022

Who are the 3 designers who will walk the runway for VFiles this spring-summer 2022?

Louis Pileggi, JunJie, Christian Stone… These names sound like the new fashion guard of tomorrow. Each season, this

talent incubator allows a handful of young designers to present their collection to the world and in front of a jury

of experts, composed this time of Khloe Kardashian, Dapper Dan, Emma Grede and Jimmy Moffat. For spring-summer 2022,

zoom on these 3 promising designers to be found on Wednesday, September 6 at Barclays Center in New York.


vfiles designers runway 9 louis pileggi fashion week new york spring summer 2022

Louis PileggiWith a double degree from Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art in London, Louis Pileggi

is passionate about largely unstructured womenswear. For spring-summer 2022, his inspirations can be summed up in

two words: “petulance” and “glamour”. Dresses, sweaters and skirts designed in earthy tones – brown, ochre, red –

that contrast with shiny fabrics. All warmed up by restructured knitwear and regressive details – colored ribbons

and other floral badges. A piece to remember? The “Prom Dress” is a long brown dress slit to the hip and twisted

with ruffles on one shoulder, for a debutante ball version grunge.Image credit: Louis Pileggi fashion show


vfiles designers runway 9 jun jie yang fashion week spring summer 2022 new york

Jun Jie YangA graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Jun Jie Yang specializes in bold menswear. Doudounes

restructured like colorful paintings, immaculate tayloring topped with a skull in 24-carat gold, XXL fur with an incandescent

fire pattern, transparency of a PVC detail… Jun Jie has fun with materials and colors that he always chooses intense.

Inspired by Asian and North African cultures, he reinvents them and appropriates them to question the codes of his

time, staging a man at the crossroads of time. “I wanna create a frontier where our ethinical past and future vision

cross which doesn’t exist in the real world”, said the designer. “There is a clashing and confronting of cultures

but also a perfect blending of these two different directions.” Image credit: lookbook Jun Jie Yang


vfiles designers runway 9 christian stone fashion week spring summer 2022 new york

Christian StoneAfter his stint at Central Saint Martins: https://canvas.instructure.com/eportfolios/1096035/Home/Chuck_Taylor_Converse_Shoes_Sale_Chuck_Taylor_Converse_Sneakers_Sale, Hong Kong’s Christian Stone unveils his first “Mutant Artisanal” collection, inspired by the horror nanar

Re-Animator. His creations combine craftsmanship and a certain idea of high fashion, for a quasi-post-apocalyptic universe. Silhouettes where the concern to give a second life to everyday objects

goes hand in hand with creativity. Christian Stone thinks of his pieces as artifacts that are both familiar and

disturbing. Backpacks become the extension of canvas pants, a roll of bubble wrap becomes the lining of a light

coat, models move forward masked with wires… He creates a hybrid futuristic fashion, at once ecological, practical and surprising. Image credit: Christian Stone


show – Mutant Artisanal

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