5 golden tips to skyrocket your followers on Instagram

5 golden tips to skyrocket your followers on Instagram

It’s a fact: social media (Instagram first and foremost) is hotter than ever, and we can’t help but want to reach

as many followers as possible to promote our brand and build our community of followers. Each in their own way,

Amélie Pichard, founder of Amélie Pichard, Juliette Mallet, behind the brand Coucou Suzette and Rosh Mahtani, founder

of Alighieri, have succeeded in the bet and continue to skyrocket their follower count. Unique aesthetics, posting

times, captions… Here are 5 tips to follow to engage the audience for your brand. http://koyomi.vis.ne.jp/wiki/index.php?securesudan3 Virgil Guinard

1 – Create your own universe

Rosh Mahtani, founder of Alighieri: “Instagram is a good place to create your own universe but it’s important

not to use it only as a tool to reveal your inspirations.”

Juliette Mallet, founder of Coucou Suzette: “The most important thing is to find a strong and consistent visual

identity. Eventually, we can make graphic posts so that they can be spotted more easily. Also, if we do paid collaborations

for example, the publication should not break the aesthetic lineage of the feed.”

2 – Manage the time of each publication

Juliette Mallet, founder of Coucou Suzette: “Before, I used to post three times a day. Now, I restrict myself

to once a day and I pay attention to the time of publication. It’s best to post in the morning, during lunch break,

or in the evening when people get off work, around 6pm.”



Virgil Guinard

5 – Avoid spending too much time on Instagram

Amélie Pichard, founder of Amélie Pichard: “Personally, I avoid looking at Instagram too much because

it creates a homogenization of desires and for a creative I find it quite dangerous. It risks inhibiting

his unique side.” Jordan AJ Xxxiv Kids

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