A girlA girl, a style: at Alexandra Ricci’s in Paris

A girl, a style: at Alexandra Ricci’s in Paris

Retro, free, romantic… With her Emmanuelle Béart look, Alexandra Ricci has conquered the nostalgic new

fashion scene, lending her face to the Parisian brands of the moment. But it is in the vintage that she

forges her allure. Meet her.

A girl

Born in the South of France 27 years ago, Alexandra Ricci is a jack-of-all-trades. Model, multiplying hobbies:

sewing, drawing, knitting, photography, embroidery, coding, DTP… This sunny blonde renews herself with

a daily enthusiasm. A cocktail that is certainly successful, and one that will allow her to blossom perfectly

in Paris, while adopting the relaxed values of Mediterranean culture. http://liehambentti1981.unblog.fr/2022/05/29/nike-air-max-summit-nike-air-max-95-ultra-white-spruce/ Total vintage look and Mango pants

Luc Braquet


After a year of mathematics at the University of Aix en Provence, she went to Paris: her teenage dream finally

came true: “At that time, Bertolucci’s film The Dreamers was my lifestyle model. I could see myself riding

my bike on Sundays to the French film library, eating Ladurée macaroons in the bathtub and walking through

the streets of Saint-Germain with my beige trench coat and red beret… “. In no time at all, her Bardot look

seduced Parisians from all walks of life: design, cinema, music… But it is towards fashion that Alexandra

turned, signing a modeling contract with the Girl agency. sarkropigen1972 Vintage top, vintage Levi’s jeans, Chanel babies

Luc Braquet

A style

A good balance of masculine and feminine, sexy and wise. And always retro muscular in the accessories:

“I don’t think I’m very modern as a girl, I love everything vintage or inspired by old fashion. I wear

mostly mom jeans, preppy coats and men’s pants worn very high, embroidered blouses in light materials,

long tartan skirts… Which I mix with all sorts of belts and upgrades to flashy gold animal jewelry, ties

or hats.” Her lifelong obsession? “As a Southern girl, I love long, light dresses, either portfolio or

buttoned, which always leave a little glimpse of the legs. And like Emmanuelle Béart in Chabrol’s film

L’Enfer, I wear them with little scarves in my hair and discreet golden creoles.” https://squareblogs.net/yokequiet43/coach-haring-camera-bag-coach-latest-crossbody-bag-colette-signature-handbag Mirae dress, Chanel babies

Luc Braquet


Casual and boyish. A masculine shirt, slightly loose, like the one with fine stripes by Ralph Lauren that

she collects in all colors: “You can find them in all the thrift stores”. All worn with vintage Levi’s

jeans and a nice pair of leather loafers. Simple but effective. https://myspace.com/silverwool53 Ralph Lauren shirt and vintage Lacoste sweater, & Other Stories pants

Luc Braquet


Alexandra Ricci buys 80% of her clothes from thrift stores: “more ethical, more original, better made

and unbeatable value for money”, but her fashion heart is set on young creations, led by Yolis and Otis,

an ethical brand from Byron Bay. But also Holiday Boileau, Shrimps, Lucia Zolea, Bode, Love Shack Fancy,

Ganni, Brock Collection, F.E. Castleberry, Nanushka, With Jean… We don’t stop him anymore. https://bulllift8.werite.net/post/2022/05/28/Nike-Free-Flyknit-Nsw-Anthracite-Laser-Orange-Nike-Free-5.0-Women-s-Tra-g-Shoes-White-gray-black Vintage jewelry

Luc Braquet


Mostly vintage. During the day, fine and discreet jewelry, but always models that give her confidence and bring her

a dose of femininity. In the evening, she brings out her collection of animals found here and elsewhere: lion necklace,

scorpion earrings, snake ring… And a whole bestiary that she tames in summer and winter.

  • Chanel bag
  • Luc Braquet
  • Accessories

In no particular order, a titanic selection of Converse, a Chanel buoy bag, Carel babies, a Cult Gaia basket,

a mini Longchamp bag in brown velvet, moccasins, derbies, santiags and a whole avalanche of boys’ shoes. The

only condition to her collector’s delirium? Practicality and comfort.

Laquintane set

Luc Braquet


Even if her secret remains “to drink a lot of water and sleep as much as possible”, and that she favors home-made

and natural products, Alexandra follows a rigorous routine: organic make-up remover, Typology creams to be made

by herself according to her skin, exfoliating powder found in the Oh My Cream store at the corner of her street,

Leonor Greyl hair care and castor oil to gain density in eyelashes and eyebrows and to strengthen nails. Her

extra trick? “I eat a lot of (organic) carrots. It sounds silly but it helps to have a pretty skin, especially

at the first rays of sun.” On the makeup side, only three fetishes: Glossier, Mac and Nars.

Vintage top and Levi’s pants

Luc Braquet


Santal 33 du Labo. “It’s a great way to start the day to spritz yourself with an essence that you love and that

gives you confidence.”

Vintage Santiags

Luc Braquet

Last purchase

Not fashion but a sublime old camera traded to an old man in his southern village. “I love it so much, that

I have completely sacred it and I still have trouble getting it out of my house .”

Vintage set

Luc Braquet


Lauren Hutton embodies his feminine ideal. After come Margaux Hemingway, Jane Fonda, Grace Kelly, Diane Kruger,

Jane Birkin… And all the women posted on the Instagram account @simplicitycity, a source of daily inspiration.

Ralph Lauren shirt and Hermes tie