All you need to know about Black Friday 2022

All you need to know about Black Friday 2022

Where, when, how? Every year, Black Friday draws crowds for sales that fall right before Christmas and returns

this Friday, November 24, 2022. Vogue explains everything you need to know about this event before the big


What is Black Friday?

Traditionally, Black Friday kicks off the Christmas shopping season in the United States with its very attractive

sales. Just after Thanksgiving, this day allows the general public to take advantage of interesting prices

and brands to liquidate their collections before the holidays.

When does Black Friday take place?

Each year in the United States, Black Friday is held the day after Thanksgiving, the 4th Friday of the month:

November 24 for 2022. Traditionally, Americans take the Friday after Thanksgiving off work, which leaves

plenty of time for Christmas shopping. With the event’s popularity, many brands and sites are even organizing

a Black Friday Week all week long.

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Where does Black Friday get its name from?

An American tradition, Black Friday became popular in the 1960s and owes its name to the world it brings together

in the streets and stores. The name Black Friday also refers to the merchants who, thanks to this day, get out

of the red by liquidating their inventories.

Where is Black Friday popular?

Since 2010, the American and Canadian tradition is becoming international and a real event in Europe and France.

For 2022, an increase of more than 100% of the searches concerning Black Friday has been noticed. We can expect

an unprecedented edition in France.

What sectors does Black Friday encompass?

Fashion, beauty, jewelry, decoration, books, movies, but also high tech or furniture … Black Friday has the advantage

of touching all commercial sectors: a tradition that benefits the greatest number, ideal before Christmas.

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On the Internet or in stores: where to do its Black Friday?

If originally Black Friday brings together hordes of shoppers in American department stores, online sales

are now becoming one of the main ways to take advantage of the event. The advantage? On the Internet,

sales last longer and many discounts can be added to those already made. In stores, Black Friday often

lasts only on Friday – November 24 this year – and brings together a crowd determined to find the piece

that was missing from its dressing room.

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