All you need to know about the tête-à-tête between Karl Lagerfeld and Loïc Prigent at the Vogue Fashion Festival

Not limited to fashion, this perpetual and devouring desire to always do more, pushes him to explore various

fields (photography, publishing, drawing…).

“It is not necessary to be only in one thing. You have to do several things that can feed each other. If

I only did collections, I would lose contact with the outside world and that’s not good. I’m very, very aware

of that.”

Looking to the future, the designer is not afraid of change and evolves with the times. Once entrusted to

the chance of the Post Office, his designs for Chanel are now sent to the iPhone and his fitting sessions

for Fendi (whose workshops are in Rome) take place on Facetime: .

Her motto? “No second option”. Convinced and sure of his choices, “no” does not exist at Karl Lagerfeld.

“If I don’t have a sense of independence or freedom, I am frustrated, castrated, I can’t do anything. I have

to be able to do anything […]. It is the idea that I can do what I want to do that stimulates me. Anything

less would be a sterilizing frustration. No, I can’t be told no, it’s in my contract.”

Her latest project? The Chanel Métiers d’Art 2022-2022 fashion show in Hamburg, Grade School Adidas Swift Run . The city where he was born. Organized at the Philharmonie, a sublime historic venue on the Port. A


inspired by the Navy, without having anything to do with his childhood memories. The designer concludes: “There

is rather a maritime inspiration, the sailors of Hamburg, things like that. But these are vague allusions, it is

not folklore. I hate that.”

To be continued in a little over a week…

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