Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse, Lady Diana

Amy Winehouse, Lady Diana, Barbie… 10 times designers were inspired by pop culture

Fashion has always been inspired by society, generations, icons and pop culture phenomena that have marked

the times. From Amy Winehouse to Barbie and Lady Diana… Overview of the most striking tributes spotted

on the catwalks.

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  2. Jean Paul Gaultier, spring-summer 2022 couture collection
  3. The inspiration? Amy Winehouse

London, July 2022. Amy Winehouse passes away in her home in Camden Square. The same year, Jean Paul Gaultier celebrated

the singer with a spring-summer 2022 couture collection inspired by her story. The beehive, the cat-eye makeup,

the casual look … Everything is there. On the models are drawn pieces with a Sixties impulse: jackets biker

style, sequined pencil skirts, or the polo shirts fetish Amy Winehouse revisited in a twist made in Gaultier. Getty Images

Off-White, spring-summer 2022 collection

The inspiration? Lady Diana

20 years after her death, Virgil Abloh, founder of the Off-White label, pays her a subtle tribute with his latest spring-summer

2022 collection. From her casual weekend look to her more conventional looks… 37 silhouettes refer to key periods

of the princess’ life, like this silk ensemble with tilted shoulders, an ode to the dress she wore one evening in 1985. Moschino, spring-summer 2022 collection

The inspiration? Barbie

Whether he works for Moschino or his eponymous brand, Jeremy Scott remains a master in the art of hijacking the

symbols of popular culture. For his spring-summer 2022 collection, he’s making the most of the iconic Barbie. On

the menu: candy pink galore, platinum blonde wigs and ultra-fitted mini skirts. The must-have? The I-Phone case

with tender colors in the form of a girly mirror. Copyright Sony Pictures Entertainment / Getty Images

Christian Dior, fall-winter 2022-2022 couture collection

The inspiration? Marie Antoinette

If John Galliano’s inspiration when he officiated at Dior had to be summed up in one period of history, it would probably

be the Baroque era. In 2022, for the 60th anniversary of the French house, the designer offers a collection between

delicacy and romance, inspired by Queen Marie Antoinette. The program? Precious dresses with powdered colors signatures

of the time, with the waist cinched and puffed skirt. Adidas Originals Superstar Toddler imdb

Louis Vuitton, spring-summer 2022 collection

The inspiration? Lightning in Final Fantasy

In 2022, Louis Vuitton chose a character from Final Fantasy to illustrate its campaign. The bubble-gum pink hair

and the angelic face of Lighnting seduced the fan of manga culture, and artistic director of the brand, Nicolas

Ghesquière. The designer will then present a spring-summer 2022 line inspired by the world of video games, with

the opening of the show, a model resembling Lightning. copyright warner bros gmbh

Thierry Mugler, fall-winter 1995-1996 couture collection

The inspiration? The Machine Man in Metropolis

In a constant desire to innovate and evolve in a futuristic fashion, Thierry Mugler unveils, for its 1995-1996 fall-winter

couture collection, a line with sci-fi influences. At the head of the line? A metallic outfit made of transparent

PVC, inspired by the android of the German silent expressionist film, Metropolis, directed in 1927 by Fritz Lang. Getty Images

Chanel, 2022 cruise collection

The inspiration? The Greek goddess

A dive into ancient Greece, that’s what Karl Lagerfeld offers with the Chanel Cruise 2022 collection. His spearhead?

Characters of antiquity like goddesses and nymphs. On the catwalk, a festival of draping pulses on the dresses,

sublimated by jewels and crowns tinted with ochre. In sum, an invitation to travel (in time) with elegance.

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Givenchy, fall-winter 2022-2022 collection

The inspiration? Trinity in The Matrix

For Givenchy’s fall-winter 2022-2022 collection, then-creative director Riccardo Tisci unveils a line

with a sci-fi vibe. The bias? The Matrix spirit, “cyberfilm” directed in 1999 by The Wachowskis, which

highlights the premises of the digital era in an ultra-futuristic atmosphere. In addition to the color

black, dresses with robotic shapes and moiré pants, leather waders reign supreme.

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Blade Runner, Fall-Winter 2022-2022 pre-collection

The inspiration? Blade Runner

While the reboot of Ridley Scott’s film is currently in theaters, the characters have inspired many designers. This

is the case of Nicolas Ghesquière for Dior who, during the pre-fall 2022 collection of the house, drew from the dark

and neo-futuristic universe of Blade Runner. A subtle homage that manifests itself in particular in the long coats

with a strict cut, like an ode to the two-piece suit fitted with the character of Rachael. Disney

Bobby Abley, men’s fall-winter 2022-2022 collection

The inspiration? The Disney characters

Bobby Abley was trained at Jeremy Scott, and you can feel it. His creativity and fantasy led him to create

a collection based on Disney characters. For fall-winter 2022-2022, the house’s colorful t-shirts, sweatshirts

and jackets feature the faces of Mickey, Donald, Daffy Duck, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.