Anna Dello Russo donates her finest furs to PETA

Anna Dello Russo donates her finest furs to PETA

Announced last month, the exclusive auction of the streetstyle queen’s pieces:, which will be held on February 25 during Milan Fashion Week,


, will not include any animal fur pieces. For good reason, Anna Dello Russo will donate it to the association.

Thirty of Anna Dello Russo’s most beautiful collector’s items will be sold at a Christie’s auction on February 25,

with the proceeds going to the Swarovski Foundation to help students at Central Saint Martins School. On the program,

a hundred bags: STENCIL PACK, shoes and accessories and pieces of Italian designers, such as a full Giorgio Armani silhouette worn

by Anna herself on the occasion of her sister’s wedding. But also new pieces Dolce & Gabbana, Versace,

two silhouettes Prada and one, Miu Miu. All without animal fur. Indeed, following the announcement of this

event last January, Anna Dello Russo was contacted by PETA, asking her to renounce the sale of fur pieces

in these exclusive auctions. As a result, three pieces originally intended for sale, a Miu Miu fur stole,

an Antonio Berardi jacket and a Dolce & Gabbana ermine fur piece, will be donated to the animal rights

association, which will use them for educational projects and as beds for sick or orphaned animals in shelters.

A decision commented by Anna Dello Russo who says “The fashion community is moving away from fur more and more and so am I. This auction is about passing on my passion for fur to

others. This auction is about passing on my legacy to the next generation, but as a person who cares about animals,

I no longer feel comfortable passing on these fur garments to others.” All in all, an exclusive and ethical event,

where one will be able to purchase Anna Dello Russo’s ultra-fashionable pieces while being aware of the current issues

in the fashion industry: .