Armani signs the costumes of the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Armani signs the costumes of the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”

For the latest feature film by American director Martin Scorsese, the Italian designer makes the costumes and dresses

Leonardo Dicaprio as a ruthless trader in the streets of Wall Street in New York.

We owe Giorgio Armani the wardrobe of many cult films. In 1980, Richard Gere plays Julian Kaye in American

Gigolo. A character who embodies the man Armani and will participate in the influence of the style of the

house in the 80s. With Martin Scorsese, the designer collaborates many times. It was the director who created

the first Armani commercials for the small screen. In 1990, he filmed Mr. Armani in a documentary entitled

Made in Milan. Today, Giorgio Armani has signed the costumes for The Wolf of Wall Street, the latest film

by Martin Scorsese. The film stars Leonardo Dicaprio as the unscrupulous trader Jordan Belfort. For this

new feature film, set in the 1990s, the house worked with the film’s costume designer, Sandy Powell, who

has received numerous Oscars for her work. She was able to draw inspiration directly from the house’s archives

and create a wardrobe as close to the reality of the time as possible. The “Power Dressing”, iconic style

of Wall Street embodying power and ambition is thus transcribed to the screen in the film, which will be

released in theaters on December 25.

The Wolf of Wall Street, a film by Martin Scorsese, costumes by Armani

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