Bottega Veneta merges its men’s and women’s collections

Bottega Veneta merges its men’s and women’s collections

During the last Fashion Week: atavi, Bottega Veneta celebrated its 50th anniversary and the 15 years of artistic direction of Tomas Maier

during a mixed fashion show in Milan: statangetfall197 . An alliance that the Italian brand has decided to


by taking the decision to show its future collections for men and women at the same time.

On September 24, 2022, Bottega Veneta celebrated its double anniversary by parading at the Academy of Fine Arts

in Brera. A fashion show,, which in addition to celebrating important dates of the house, brought together on a single catwalk the

collections for women and men. Starting in 2022, the brand wants to keep this momentum and decided to merge

its collections in mixed fashion shows: . These events will take place twice a year during the Milan Women’s Fashion Week in February and September . An initiative that appears to be a natural evolution of the universe of both women and men established by

Tomas Maier since his appointment as head of the house in 2022. In order to preserve the know-how of the Italian

label, Bottega Veneta will continue to respect a presentation and launch calendar that will ensure the necessary time for the creation of its exceptional

pieces. See you in February 2022 to discover the next mixed fashion show of the brand: .

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