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Calvin Klein, Burberry, Balenciaga… When fashion houses commit themselves to a good cause

For several years, the houses have used their creative aura as a means of expression and commitment. The ecology,

food issues, the animal cause … This year again, they do not depart from the rule. From Burberry, supporting

the LGBTQ+ community, to Balenciaga, fighting against hunger in the world with the UN, to Lancôme, which supports

illiterate women… Focus on the beautiful causes supported by the houses and designers this season. Calvin Klein/InDigital


  1. Tommy Hilfiger/InDigital
  2. Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger
  3. World Wildlife Fund:

Created in 1961, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an NGO dedicated to the protection of the environment,

strongly involved in sustainable development.

The news :

The fashion firm PVH Corp, which owns Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, has announced a three-year collaboration

with the WWF. The goal? To act for the conservation of water in Africa and India. As Melanie Steiner, risk

manager at PVH, explains in a release, “Water is used at every stage of our products’ life cycle. As one

of the world’s leading fashion companies, we recognize our responsibility and welcome this opportunity to

play an important role in addressing this pressing global issue. The pair will play a key role in conserving

the freshwater resources of Lake Awasa in Ethiopia and the Cauvery River in India. InDigital


LGBTQ+ community:

All Equal. “Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer” refers to all non-heterosexual people.


It is a vibrant tribute to the LGBTQ+ community that Christopher Bailey wanted to pay for his final show for Burberry.

The designer had fun reinventing the signature tartan pattern of the British house in a rainbow version – red, orange,

yellow, green, blue, purple – before infusing it on several iconic pieces of the house, such as caps, bags and other

tracksuits. Shortly before the show, which took place on February 17, 2022 in London, Burberry announced donations

to three charities, The Albert Kennedy Trust, The Trevor Project and ILGA, all dedicated to raising awareness of LGBTQ+




World Food Programme:

In French, the World Food Programme is the UN’s food aid agency, the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger in

the world. Its goal? To distribute nutritional assistance and work with communities to improve and strengthen their

resilience. Consistently, more than 80 million people in nearly 75 different countries are supported by the association.

The news:

Paris, Sunday, March 4, 2022. Balenciaga has just unveiled its fall-winter 2022-2022 collection at Studio 27 in Plaine

Saint-Denis. At the end of the show, the house under the leadership of Demna Gvasalia announced to join the World Food

Programme. On the runway, while some pieces were branded with the initials of the association (WFP), others were stamped

with the slogan Saving Lives, Changing Lives. The sale of these models will allow the World Food Porgramme to start

supporting missions. An example? The purchase of a cap will allow 200 energy bars to be distributed to people in need.

As Demna Gvasalia says: “We see this association with the World Food Programme as an important step towards useful

and responsible fashion. Supporting good causes with our products whenever possible.”

Courtesy of Lacoste


International Union for Conservation of Nature:

Founded in 1948, the IUCN is the world’s largest and most diverse environmental network. Its objective? To protect

nature and all its treasures. In 2010, the association sets up Save Our Species, initiating projects to preserve

endangered species.

The news:

The time of a capsule, the crocodile made in Lacoste leaves its place to a dozen other animals. With Save Our

Species, the brand has decided to commit to a good cause. Lacoste has unveiled a series of immaculate polo shirts,

each of which is emblazoned not with the iconic crocodile, but with several endangered animals. There is a porpoise

from the Gulf of California, a Sunda rhinoceros, a Kakapo parrot, a Sumatran tiger… The originality? Each

model is edited according to the number of animals still alive, 1775 copies. Nike Boys Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes Courtesy of Lancôme

donated to the cause. The work of the beads is entrusted to the Kenyan women of the Samburur workshop in Ol Malo.