Carolina Ritzler tells us how to wear the suit in 2022

Carolina Ritzler tells us how to wear the suit in 2022

French designer, Carolina Ritzler has chosen a monomania: the suit. A complete wardrobe, in tune with the times,

celebrating individuality and style. Meet the designer. carolina ritzler meets how to wear the suit

What is the history of the brand ?

Carolina Ritzler: “The brand was born 3 years and 10 months ago. I had an incompressible need to create

clothes, to tell stories and to share my emotions. The combination came as a matter of course. It fits

the zeitgeist and allows you to face life with strength and elegance.” barnetthindson carolina ritzler how to wear the trendy suit

Why the monomania of the combi?

“The jumpsuit has multiple powers; it has the elegance of a man’s suit while highlighting the quintessence

of femininity. Combining comfort, allure and practicality, it allows each woman to embody who she wants.

To become a heroine with magnetic charisma.”

The words that best fit your world?

“Elegance, power and authenticity.”


carolina ritzler how to wear the combination meets french designer

What are your inspirations from the latest collection?

“Imagining a collection is like creating a symphony. The story of the colors, the melody of the shapes must respond

to each other with accuracy. Like musical notes. This year I was very inspired by the tarot deck and the folkloric

clothing of an oriental ballet. I associated my own childhood memories with them. The common denominator? The elegance

of the Parisian woman.”

carolina ritzler french designer how to wear the combination

What do we find on your moodboard?

“Images from the 1940s, merchant marine uniforms, a fortune-telling tarot deck, cards, folkloric clothing,

African-American Soul Train dancers, Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, photos of Basquiat’s paintings…”

What woman did you think of when you drew her?

“To all the women in this world. I design for every woman to find her fit, her material and her style.

All women have a power but few are aware of it. I want to sublimate them and give them confidence.” carolina ritzler meets french designer how to wear the suit

What is your iconic jumpsuit?

“I have a passion for Marlene Dietrich;, Farrah Fawcett, Emma Peel …”

How do you wear the Carolina Ritzler combi in 2022?

“By rolling up her pants to reveal her ankles, marking the waist, accentuating the shoulders. These feminine details,

allow to redesign the silhouette. ”

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