Caroline de Maigret’s Parisian style deciphered in 7 quotes

Caroline de Maigret’s Parisian style deciphered in 7 quotes

As a figurehead of the “Made in Paris” style:, Caroline de Maigret launches in partnership with Chanel a website dedicated to lifestyle, fashion and

her universe: . An opportunity to ask yourself what actually makes her look so special… Answer in 7 quotes caught on the fly

during a “style session” in the Chanel boutique on Avenue Montaigne.

“Gabrielle Chanel is the very example of the woman I want to be: elegant, erudite… En vie quoi.”

“The idea of statement is the basis of my style. I like to wear an important piece mixed afterwards with other simpler

ones: : the main thing is to balance.”

“The word that always comes up when I talk about my style? Effortless.”

“I’ve changed my style a lot:, each musical trend has had a passing impact on my look. In the Nirvana era, I was in baggy:, holey jeans or plaid shirts. Then I went goth with long jet-black hair and a long, sheer black veil I picked up

at St. Peter’s Market…”

“One thing inherent in Parisian style ? Choosing what goes with your personality.”

“Style stems from what feeds us every day: like books or music. It forges fashion identity.”

“My fashion tip? The cut mirror strategy. When I get dressed and look in the mirror I cut my face to remove any

emotional connection to my look.”