Chanel’s marinière bag

Chanel’s marinière bag

For its 2022 cruise collection, the Rue Cambon fashion house set sail for Singapore and presented a collection

mixing 1920s inspiration and feminine-masculine sportswear spirit, in homage to Coco Chanel’s early days

in Deauville. Like this striped jersey bag that recalls the iconic marinière of the Grande Mademoiselle.

Chanel's marinière bag

Chanel’s marinière bag

A panoply of black, navy blue and white, sprinkled with touches of gold, silver or red … Since the 20’s and

the first Coco Chanel collections, Chanel’s wardrobe has been playing the card of discreet elegance and a dashing

femininity à la Parisienne. A look that has been constantly reinvented by Karl Lagerfeld, director of the French

house since 1983. For the 2022 cruise, the house of the rue Cambon flew to Singapore and presented its collection

during a fashion show that took place in an old plantation of muscadiers. A collection tribute to the young

years of Coco Chanel mixing retro inspirations and sportswear spirit specific to the cruise lines and the first

Chanel collections in jersey. Like this bag with black and white stripes that reminds us of the sailor suit

that the Grande Mademoiselle wore like a uniform and whose handle is adorned with pearls, a tribute to her

mythical necklaces.

Two-tone jersey bag, leather and pearl chain handle, Chanel, 2650 euros.

The Chanel Cruise 2022 collection