Eres swimwear for the Costes hotel

Eres swimwear for the Costes hotel

The duo of Parisian houses launches two creations in the colors of the establishment of the rue Saint-Honoré available

exclusively for the clients of the spa and the hotel.

Eres swimwear for the Costes hotel

Founded in 1968 by Irène Leroux on the Place de la Madeleine in Paris, Eres has been bringing its letters of

nobility to swimwear ever since, combining technical materials and excellent cuts to sublimate the figure. A

few steps away from the Madeleine on the rue Saint-Honoré, Eres has teamed up with the Costes Hotel to launch

two swimwear models. The hotel, opened in 1995 by Jean Louis Costes and recently classified as a historical monument,

has become a true institution of Parisian glamour with its 82 rooms, spa and pool, restaurant and boudoirs decorated

by Jacques Garcia. The result of this collaboration is two creations combining the demanding cuts and minimalism

of Eres pieces. A bikini and a one-piece adorned with the emblematic colors of the Rue Saint-Honoré establishment:

black, gold and purple red. Made of Peau Douce, the flawless material developed by Eres, these models will be

offered exclusively to spa and hotel guests. An assumed luxury for those who want to treat themselves to one

of these creations before diving into one of the most beautiful pools in Paris.

Eres swimwear for the Costes Hotel, available now exclusively at the Costes Hotel, starting at 280 euros.


Eres swimwear for the Costes hotel

Eres swimwear for the Costes hotel