Everything you always wanted to know about the top Edie Campbell

Everything you always wanted to know about the top Edie Campbell

At 27 years old, the very bankable Edie Campbell is part of the closed circle of the planetary tops. She has a rose-colored

face, an aristocratic look forged in horse shows, a classical culture, and a British sense of humour… And enough

guts to publish an open letter about the excesses of modeling, in the wake of the great movement of freedom of speech

of the last few months.

Everything you always wanted to know about the top Edie Campbell

it… That’s also why I published this letter. I am hopeful that things will change. It seems to me that

everyone is asking themselves if this behavior is right, if this way of acting is normal or not. This

individual introspection is going to unfold into an introspection of the entire industry.” We ask her

what the word “professionalism” means, when you are a model. She hesitates, sighs, lets out a little

bored laugh. “It’s hard to be purely professional, because the job is so busy that the border with private

life is often thin… Other than that, being a pro doesn’t just mean being present and smiling. You have

to be a performer on demand, which is far from obvious.”

Last year, Edie needed a break. She took a break from Christmas to March, just to take a breather. Apart

from modeling and riding, she started writing and now contributes to magazines – Love, among others.

But she returned to the stage. Why? “Because I fundamentally love making fashion images: Shoes . It’s a joy for me. I’m always so happy to be working.” She even posits that this ongoing enthusiasm

is the reason she keeps getting booked. So be it. Let’s say she had a daughter someday, and that daughter

could see herself following in her footsteps. Would she let her? “Of course, if she wanted to. Fashion

has been an incredible opportunity for me: https://gunjohn09.bravejournal.net/post/2022/06/01/NBA-Boston-Celtics-Jersey-boston-Celtics-NBA-Jersey-men-NBA-Boston-Celtics-11-Irving, I don’t see why I would deprive her of it. I believe in the dream that fashion represents:


. It’s not incompatible with finding that she needs to challenge herself, from time to time…”