“Giorgio Armani’s “Bag 11

“Giorgio Armani’s “Bag 11

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the Italian house signs a new bag named after the number 11, the

day of birth of Giorgio Armani and the street number of the historic headquarters. A model that will be sold

exclusively in the Antonia store in Milan and L’Eclaireur in Paris; vephentmaco1975 . Founded in 1975 in Milan, the house of Giorgio Armani gives rhythm to Italian fashion with classic and refined

influences in a genre described as glamour realist, http://comanbjorn.unblog.fr/2022/01/01/nike-zoom-fly-sp-light-bone-custom-nike-zoom-fly/ . It is in this spirit that the house is launching a brand new project, which will be unveiled during Milan Fashion

Week on the occasion of its forty years of existence. A bag called The Bag 11, an evocative number, symbolizing

both the day of birth of Giorgio Armani but also the street number of the company’s headquarters, based in Milan.

To present this luxurious accessory, the Italian house has chosen two multi-brand stores: L’Eclaireur and Antonia.

A bag whose design is still kept secret, which will be adorned with two handles, covered with precious elements.

This bag announced as ultra minimalist will be declined in different materials ultra luxury and available in three

sizes. A model to be discovered during the Milan Fashion Week in the Antonia and L’Eclaireur stores and in some

Giorgio Armani stores from April.

Bag 11 by Giorgio Armani to be unveiled on March 1 during Milan Fashion Week

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