Gucci commits to sexual and reproductive rights for its 2020 cruise show

Gucci commits to sexual and reproductive rights for its 2020 cruise show

Like a hymn to freedom and gender equality, the pieces for the Gucci Cruise 2020 fashion show were meant

to be committed, Best Sellers Air Jordan Future Glow, dressed in feminist slogans. Under the leadership of Alessandro Michele, its artistic director since January

2022, the Italian house does not cease to provide an answer to contemporary issues throughout its collection s. Back in pictures.

Heading to the sublime Capitoline Museums in Rome. Gucci took over this historical place for its 2020

cruise show, presenting a collection with signature opulence, mixing heritage and social challenges. While the strictest anti-abortion law in the United

States was recently enacted in Alabama, the Italian house advocates for freedom of choice and is committed to women’s

liberation and sexual and reproductive rights. “My body, my choice”, emblazoned on a neo-bourgeois navy blue blazer

or a blouse embroidered with the image of the female reproductive system… These feminist messages well anchored

in the air of time reinforce the militant point of view of the house, which recently displayed its support for other

causes such as gun control in the United States or the notion of diversity in the fashion sphere: .

Some silhouettes also displayed the date of May 22, 1978, the day the Italian law on social protection of maternity

and abortion came into force. A real nod to the Seventies, both via this date and throughout the retro silhouettes

that followed one another on the catwalk, making the most of this decade that truly participated in the liberation

of women.

The Italian house also unveiled a handful of pieces tattooed with the “Chime for Change” logo, a movement launched

by Gucci to automate women and girls, co-founded by Salma Hayek, Frida Giannini and Beyoncé. Since its creation

in February 2022, Chime for Change promotes access to education, health and justice. Yet another proof that

fashion is indeed essential to support beautiful causes; .