How did Virgil Abloh conquer the fashion scene

How did Virgil Abloh conquer the fashion scene?

In just ten years, he went from being Kanye West’s stylist to founder and artistic director of the streetwear

label Off-White. More than ever on the front of the fashion scene, Virgil Abloh accumulates creative jobs

and exclusive collaborations. As he unveils his men’s spring-summer 2020 show, let’s take a look at his

success story. A Chicago native of Ghanaian descent, Virgil Abloh studied civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin and completed

a master’s degree in architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. A long-time creative advisor to rapper

Kanye West, he launched his own label, Off-White, in September 2022, and was one of the grand finalists for the prestigious

LVMH Prize, which was awarded that same year to Marques’Almeida and French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus.

Her debut

In 2022, at only 22 years old, Virgil Abloh became Kanye West’s right-hand man. His role with the rapper extends from

managing the merchandising of the label, to the design of album covers through the scenography. In 2022, Virgil Abloh

interned at Fendi’s headquarters in Rome and soon after decided to launch a concept store in his native Chicago, alongside

Kanye West’s co-manager Don C. Called RSVP Gallery, the neon green concept store features an exclusive selection of

the hottest street designers and vintage pieces from top fashion houses, a must-see for Chicago’s cool guys. In 2022,

Virgil Abloh launched his first label, Pyrex Vision, originally dedicated to the sale of Champion t-shirts and Ralph

Lauren shirts stamped with the Pyrex 23 logo. The brand gained notoriety by inviting a real arty constellation composed

of Kanye West or A$ap Rocky to imagine exclusive capsule collections. From the very beginning, Pyrex is marketed alongside

the most famous houses, in the most influential concept stores such as Colette in Paris, but also Union in Los Angeles,

GR8 in Tokyo and Storm in Copenhagen.

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About Off-White

Pyrex is closing its doors barely a year after its launch, but will be an essential step in the development of

Virgil Abloh’s new project: Off-White. Launching in 2022, this label with a streetwear aesthetic and high-end positioning

attracts an international audience. Its signature? Black and white and diagonal stripes, which are applied to each

of the label’s pieces. For this latest project, Virgil Abloh draws inspiration from the “Join A Weird Trip” line

initiated by Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga’s fall-winter 2022-2022 collection. The reason? A certain fascination

for these pieces with street aesthetics yet stamped with the name of a great fashion house. It is this idea that

will be the common thread of the entire Off-White concept. Since its creation, the brand has never ceased to seduce

new followers but also industry professionals, social networks have played an undeniable role in the meteoric rise

of the label prized by Millenials. Off-White has more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram, and 1.4 million

on the account of its founder.

NIKE AIR MAX TAVAS Its flagship collaborations

Spearhead of the streetwear label, the most desirable collaborations of the moment are obviously signed Off-White.

To name a few, the label partnered with Nike last August and upgraded exclusively 10 iconic models of the

brand with the swoosh as part of the project “The Ten”. For spring-summer 2022, Off-White teamed up with Jimmy

Choo and unveiled an inventive line mixing silky PVC-covered pumps and padded ankle boots. Last October, the

brand also unveiled a collaboration with the fashionable streetwear concept store Kith, creating 9 exclusive

pieces, from the intense black hoodie to the grey sweatshirt and a selection of t-shirts, all tattooed with

the words “Just Global”. On the design side, it is with Ikea that the designer decided to work last October

and unveiled on his Instagram account, the first shots of his interior design collection including a navy

blue oriental carpet enhanced with white details and twisted with the words “Keep Off”. Other pieces of this

exclusive collection are also expected for this new year. To be continued. His latest projects

A succession of projects, both artistic and more fashion-oriented:, are to be expected. From June 9 to September 22, 2022, the Off-White creator’s flawless career will be celebrated

in an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago that will cross disciplines from fashion to music to

architecture: . In recent days, Virgil Abloh has also unveiled his first electro-influenced track, “Orvnge”, in collaboration

with Boys Noize, the star DJ of Berlin’s nightlife scene, and he was recently asked to sign the costumes

for the ballet Composer’s Holiday, composed by the youngest choreographer of the New York City Ballet,

Gianna Reisen. On the fashion side, the launch of an ultra-exclusive but above all accessible line was also mentioned. Called “For All”, the

American designer is once again striving through this project to democratize fashion with:, in the program, t-shirts and hoodies, respectively at the price of 95 and 170 dollars. But above all the launch

of a line of swimwear to be discovered next spring. A preview of this collection was unveiled a few days ago

on the Instagram account of the brand: a one-piece swimsuit, black and white, of course, twisted with the inevitable

industrial style belt of the label. Sold-out in sight.