How to succeed in your job interview in the luxury and fashion industry

How to succeed in your job interview in the luxury and fashion industry?

On the occasion of the Vogue Fashion Festival 2022, Michael Boroian, founder and CEO of Sterling International,

a headhunting firm specializing in luxury and fashion, talks about the “art of headhunting” and gives us

his best advice on how to shine during your interview in the luxury and fashion sectors.

As the head of Sterling International, one of the most important headhunting firms in the luxury and fashion

industry, Michael Boroian talks about the different steps of his job. But why “the hunt” after all? “Because

it’s kind of like a real hunt, we go looking for an animal, our talent, to try to get it and place it somewhere.”

It all starts with a client’s brief, expressing their desire for a candidate’s profile, then comes the

identification of people who might fit the position, and then the selection and placement of candidates.

“The process takes about 3 months from A to Z, for a request from a large company, we pre-select 73 candidates,

have 32 interviews, select 12 people, so that in the end 2 are actually in the short-list.”

How do you first resign well?

Before changing jobs and starting the interview process, or when you’ve been “chased” for a new position, sometimes

you have to leave your current one. To do this, there are a few rules to follow:

Resign on a Friday

Choose the place to announce your resignation: it should not take place in your superior’s office

The meeting should last 10 minutes maximum

The letter of resignation must be prepared and signed

Respect the confidentiality system and do not reveal where you are leaving

How to prepare for an interview?

According to Michael Boroian: “To work in the luxury or fashion industry, while degrees and style count, the

most important thing is knowledge of the industry, but more importantly, a real passion for it.” From the interviewer’s

point of view, the interviewer will want to assess skills, check career history, determine motivation, check

compatibility with the company, begin to build a relationship of trust. From the interviewer’s point of view,

there are three important points to remember:

Know how to explain your skills and understand the company’s expectations

Validate your motivation

And above all, make a good impression!

During an interview, the question for which you should be most prepared is the following: “If you had a magic

wand, what would your dream job be?” Something to ponder, then…

  • Top 10 tips to shine in your interview
  • Research the company in advance
  • Bring a perfectly presented CV

Never lie about your language level, the recruiter may ask you to switch to the languages mentioned on your CV

Do research on the person you will be interviewing with

Prepare the story of your previous jobs that you are about to tell

Practice, to be comfortable on the big day

Do not hesitate to ask questions

Read and know the specialized press

Join online communities to expand your network

Participate in specialized events in the field, such as the Vogue Fashion Festival

What to do if you miss an interview?

“Don’t panic, just take a step back. And if it didn’t work out that may be better than an unsuitable recruitment that

wouldn’t have been viable. Keep believing in yourself!”

Photo credit: Virgile Guinard