International Women’s Day: top model Adwoa Aboah lends her features to Barbie

International Women’s Day: top model Adwoa Aboah lends her features to Barbie

On the eve of International Women’s Day and for her sixtieth birthday, which she will celebrate on March 9, Barbie

pays tribute to twenty women, including the model Adwoa Aboah. Lending her features to the famous doll, the British

top becomes one of the “sheroes” chosen by the brand Mattle.

It is via his personal Instagram account that Adwoa Aboah unveiled on March 6 the Barbie doll in his likeness,

accompanied by the hashtag #Shero. Indeed, for the 60 years of Barbie, the Mattel brand decided to pay tribute

to a score of women named the “Sheroes”, for their involvement with female youth. Head of the self-help platform

Gurls Talk launched in 2022 for young girls and addressing vast topics such as mental health, education or personal

relationships without taboos, Adwoa Aboah appeared as an ideal personality to become a Shero alongside artists,

sportswomen or politicians.

Adwoa Aboah and her Barbie

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“I’m passionate about encouraging girls to become whatever they want to be, and I’m honored to be a Shero

Barbie. I believe that by working together, we can encourage girls to find their voice and make an impact

on the world. Through my mission with Gurls Talk and my partnership with Barbie, I hope we can inspire girls

to try to change the world around them, through small or large actions. I want to help fill the dream space,

so girls don’t have to wonder if they are smart or brave and if society is limiting their abilities,” Adwoa


Adwoa Aboah and the Barbie in her likeness

Ryan Schude / Mattel

Carrying this strong message for young women, the top did not stop there and wanted her doll to depict one of

the strongest moments of her career. Thus, the Barbie in her likeness wears a replica of a Halpern dress topped

with a Stephen Jones turban and Christian Louboutin platform sandals worn by the top during her victory as model

of the year at the 2022 Fashion Awards: . This quest for youth involvement and inspiration is not unlike the Barbie featuring model Ashley Graham unveiled

in 2022, also carrying a strong message.