Iris & LillyIris & Lilly, the lingerie brand to follow on Amazon Fashion

Iris & Lilly, the lingerie brand to follow on Amazon Fashion

Universe, inspiration, choice of muses… Sarah Miles, founder of the contemporary lingerie brand Iris

& Lilly tells us everything. Founded in 2022, the brand that advocates comfort and well-being before

anything else is now available on the e-commerce giant, Amazon.

What is the concept of Iris & Lilly and more specifically of this first collection?

Iris & Lilly is a contemporary lingerie brand that offers pieces suitable for all occasions, for women

who want to look and feel good without breaking the bank. The first collection offers a range of different

styles adapted to every need, at fair prices.

How would you describe the Iris & Lilly universe in a few words?

At Iris & Lilly, our quality materials, our expertise and our wide choice of sizes are our main values.

In addition, we pay attention to detail and offer fashionable designs. As an exclusively digital brand,

our main development axes are innovation and technology and we adapt our offer according to customer

feedback. The comfort and functionality of the product are the most important points in our manufacturing


Launching a lingerie brand, what does it mean?

Actually, we have been selling Iris& Lilly all over Europe since November 2022, but this is only our

first campaign for the brand, and we are really looking forward to introducing it to you. At Amazon,

we believe in providing our customers with a wide choice. We want to offer as many choices as possible

and we believe there is an opportunity in the fashion market at a great price. Iris & Lilly is another

good reason to go to Amazon Fashion.

What lingerie styles do you offer?

Iris & Lilly offers a wide variety of fashionable clothing and lingerie, made of different materials.

The collection includes a wide range of products, from basic models to more delicate styles, but also

a line of complementary products such as girdles, nightwear and swimwear as well as more specific products

such as nursing bras. The first price for bras is €9 .99,


for bras,

€7 .99 for underwear packs and pajamas start at



Why did you choose Mia Kang to represent your collection?

Mia is confident, strong and beautiful woman with an independent spirit. The concept of the campaign is friendship,

since Mia and the photographer, Cass Bird, are long-time friends, it was easy for them to create a natural and spontaneous

atmosphere in the campaign photo shoot. For all these reasons, we think Mia is the perfect choice.

What is your fashion obsession for this season?

This winter I’ve been buying midi dresses in floral prints, from the most delicate to the strongest print. I find

that you can wear them with everything, with heels or thigh-high boots for a meeting but also to go to dinner or

have a drink with friends.

What is the lingerie trend this season?

My favorite piece for this season is our triangle bra with transparent inserts (Graphic Sexy Wired Bra 16,99€). It

comes in three different colors, the sheer details are unique and it really enhances the bust.

What is your lingerie faux pas?

Anything that’s uncomfortable. I think it’s so important to feel good in your underwear and be able to move around.

Comfort is the most important thing when we develop an Iris & Lilly garment. The piece has to be beautiful but also

comfortable. If it’s uncomfortable, it’s not possible for me.

What are your commandments in terms of lingerie?

To look good, to feel good, to be reasonably priced and to have a wide range of styles to suit your mood and occasion.

What do you think is the timeless trend in lingerie?

I think that color block lingerie will always be timeless and chic, as well as black and white which will never go

out of style.