It’s a Dark But Happy Place: why Victoria Beckham never leaves her sunglasses

It’s a Dark But Happy Place: why Victoria Beckham never leaves her sunglasses?

After having designed a t-shirt with the words “Fashion stole my smile”, a wink to her eternal pout, Victoria Beckham

signs the star message sweater of the fall-winter 2022-2022, in reference to her favorite accessory: the XXL sunglasses.

In March 2022, Victoria Beckham was seen at the Los Angeles airport, wearing an immaculate t-shirt tattooed with

the phrase “Fashion stole my smile”, one of the mantras of the designer who cultivates a signature pout in all circumstances.

Once again, Victoria Beckham shows self-mockery and signs the star sweater of the season; also dressed with a message

full of humor; , “It’s a Dark But Happy Place”, in reference to her passion for the imposing sunglasses that rarely leave the tip

of her nose. An ultra-fun piece that she hastened to post through a picture on her Instagram account,, captioned with the words “When you’re smiling on the inside, as the sweatshirt says!”, proof that appearances

are sometimes deceiving. To be shopped urgently from May 25 on the website of the eponymous brand of Victoria


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