Karlie Kloss launches her Youtube channel called “Klossy

Karlie Kloss launches her Youtube channel called “Klossy

The New York model goes behind the camera by launching her Youtube channel called “Klossy” which immerses users

in her daily life as an international top.

Karlie Kloss created the event on the web by opening this month her own Youtube channel. Named Klossy, contraction

of “glossy” and Karlie, this channel of “vlogs” (contraction of video and blog) will stage the hectic life of

the 22-year-old top, between backstage fashion shows SUEDE, preparations for the Victoria’s Secret show, sports sessions and other healthy cookie recipes. A passion for

digital and social networks that Karlie Kloss claims daily by sharing many moments of life on her Instagram

account; https://squareblogs.net/radarfriend3/air-jordan-14-retro-black-and-white-air-jordan-14-retro-jordan-14-black-and . More concretely, the young woman is also involved in Kode With Karlie, a scholarship she launched in April 2022,

designed to prepare twenty female students to pass the entrance exams to engineering and computer science schools

at the Flatiron School. A real phenomenon on the web, the fashion, beauty and lifestyle channels listed on the US video platform gather millions of followers who follow

the daily lives of young women who have become real stars on the web. Klossy’s channel now has nearly

90,000 subscribers, and the digital adventure is just beginning for the catwalk regular.