La Seine & Moi: a new good reason to start wearing fake fur

La Seine & Moi: a new good reason to start wearing fake fur

On both sides of the Seine, Lydia Bahia, 29 years old, imposes an eco-responsible fashion based on a monomania:

fake fur. A beautiful initiative that has the good taste to preserve the planet by committing to respect

the animal cause and the environment. Meeting around his anti-cyclonic coats that rhyme with chic and ethical.

What is the history of the brand?

Lydia Bahia: “I live on the left bank, I work on the right bank. Every day, I cross the Saint-Michel bridge

and the Seine on foot or by bike. This is my daily life, and it was an obvious choice to call my brand La

Seine & Moi.”

Why do you make faux fur today? Out of ethical conviction, respect for the animal cause, pollution?

“La Seine & Moi was created to fill a gap. We can no longer ignore reality. With the internet, it is easy

to get information and to become aware. We must respect what surrounds us. Especially since there are many

alternatives today to real fur. I wanted to imagine more ethical coats that respect the animal cause.”

How are La Seine et Moi faux furs made?

“All our pieces are made one by one, by hand, in our Parisian workshops. The realization of a single coat

requires several hours of work and needs 3 people (cutter, assembler, finisher). Several prototypes and fittings

are necessary to give a perfect fit.” What materials are used?

“Our faux fur is made of acrylic and modacrylic, which is a luxurious fiber. I also select my materials based on

their softness, lightness and thermal quality. It is for these reasons that our products compete with real fur.”

Isn’t it polluting?

“The whole textile industry is polluting. Unfortunately a lot of misleading information is conveyed by lobbies.

For example, our fake fur is much less harmful than real fur. We can no longer ignore the consequences of intensive

breeding on our environment (according to GreenPeace, 75% of agricultural land is used to raise livestock). To limit

our impact on the planet, I chose to privilege quality over quantity. We produce neither more nor less, in order

to avoid overconsumption and destocking. No matter how successful the brand is, I don’t want to get lost in the

vicious circle of ‘fast fashion’.”

How do you encourage designers today to use more faux fur in your opinion?

“We live in a historic time for fashion. I think the ‘anti-fur’ commitment will continue to grow within

the big houses. I hope it will last, that it is not just a fashion statement. The designers represent the

future, the new generation that wants to change things.”

What’s your added bonus?

“All of our collections are designed in Paris. I’m very attached to this ‘made in France’ that keeps our

few workshops alive. Manufacturing locally is very difficult, especially for young designers, it is a consequent

cost. This proximity with our workshops allows us to control the entire production chain and to eliminate

any intermediary. But I am proud to offer my customers products of impeccable quality at an affordable

price. Offering modern pieces that will accompany them for many winters.” Follow La Seine & Moi on Instagram @la_seine_et_moi and on