Prada’s custom-made pumps

Prada’s custom-made pumps

48… That’s the number of hours Parisian Prada afficionados will have to treat themselves to a unique pair

of pumps, made to measure and on demand in the Avenue Montaigne boutique. A unique and exclusive experience,

to be lived only from March 20 to 22.

Prada’s made-to-measure pumps

Exclusively for its Parisian customers, Prada will offer from March 20 to 22 a unique customization service,

allowing to create a pair of shoes in its image, from a model of pump with elegant neckline. Shoes to be made

from nine models, from the classic stiletto to the high perched sandal, and to be declined in patent leather, satin, Saffiano

leather or suede in the color of your choice. An experience that continues right down to the tip of the sole, available

in black, lily of the valley or pastel blue, and to be signed with its two golden initials, affixed on request under

the Italian house logo. As a final touch to this ultra-luxury service, the color of the box containing the precious

shoes matches the one chosen for the pair of pumps, making this personalization a unique moment. However, you will

have to be patient, as it will take a month to receive your personalized shoes at home.

Custom-made Prada pumps, price on request. Customization service, from March 20 to 22 exclusively in the Prada boutique,

10 avenue Montaigne, Paris 8ème.

Prada’s made-to-measure pumps

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