Repetto signs a last glitter dance for colette

Repetto signs a last glitter dance for colette

On December 20, colette will close its doors after 20 years of success. To celebrate their long collaboration,

Repetto is unveiling one last model of ballerinas with the concept store: a farewell placed under the sign

of glitter.

After several years of collaboration, Repetto and colette will say goodbye on December 20 when the Parisian

concept store closes: . The house specializing in dance shoes unveils its latest tribute model. Soberly named Catherine, these ballerinas

are inspired by the world of dancers on pointe. With its curved shape and black toe, this pair is adorned with

a removable elastic reminiscent of that which the dancer adds to her shoe before entering the stage. A gradient

of black and silver glitter gives the perfect glittery touch for parties. To celebrate this last dance with colette,

Repetto adorns the inside of these ballerinas with a sober “au revoir colette” in blue, the symbol of the concept

store. Fans beware, only eight pairs of these Catherine Repetto x colette will be available for purchase in the

Parisian store before they bow out: . Sold out guaranteed.

“Catherine” Repetto x colette : 275 euros

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