Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik

Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik, part 3

Rihanna has just unveiled on Instagram “Poison Ivy”, a shoe model from her third and latest collaboration with the

shoemaker Manolo Blahnik; http://adrestyt.ru/user/rayrifle23/ . After the collections Denim Desserts and Savage, launched successively in 2022, the singer of Barbadian origin

signs a new line of shoes with the Spanish shoemaker Manolo Blahnik; Try This Website . It is via her Instagram account, that Rihanna has unveiled a pair of spartiates from her range So Stoned

https://notes.io/qe1NX, consisting of 4 models in limited edition. Sandals made of transparent PVC and adorned with Swarovski crystals,

which already sat at the feet of Rihanna in the video Wild Thoughts of DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller. Distributed

in Manolo Blahnik stores and on the e-shop of the brand: http://kratzhoefereppet.unblog.fr/2022/04/17/nike-air-max-200-womens-black-nike-air-max-200-black-review/, these models are to be found from July 6.

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