Sarah Lavoine’s scented triptych

Sarah Lavoine’s scented triptych

The Parisian decorator unveils a 2022 collection of candles with bewitching notes of amber and fragrances

from elsewhere. Gaïa, Nyx and Eos, three waxes with mythical names delicately kept in precious cases.


In October 2022, Sarah Lavoine opened her second Parisian boutique at 28 rue du Bac in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

An intimate space where the decorator unveils, between light and shadow, her design creations, her elegantly refined

furniture and her latest candle collection. A scented triptych composed of Gaïa, Nyx and Eos, three candles borrowing

their names from the goddesses of Greek mythology. Available in three glasses with graphic motifs, this 2022 edition

delivers a single olfactory score of amber and oriental notes. A new object of desire to be offered now in one of

the two Sarah Lavoine addresses, 28 rue du Bac or 9 rue Saint Roch.

Gaïa (the maternal ancestor of the divine races, goddess of the earth), Nyx (goddess of the night personified) and

Eos (goddess of the dawn) candles, 56 euros each.

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The perfumed triptych of Sarah Lavoine

 Nyx and Eos

The perfumed triptych of Sarah Lavoine