The fashion news of the week of 09

The fashion news of the week of 09/09/2022;Behind the scenes of the Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Week in New York,

Day 6;The limited edition s of the Vogue Fashion Night 2022;

The program of the London Fashion Week spring-summer 2022, the Vogue Fashion Night goes digital, the Heritage

Days also celebrate fashion … All the news you should not miss this weekend are on

Bruce Weber in the front row of the Ralph Lauren Collection show, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara and Naomie

Harris at the Calvin Klein Collection show or Marc Jacobs backstage of his spring-summer 2022 show… Here

are the ten essential images to remember from this day of Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Week in New York.

By Saskia Lawaks;On September 17, 2022, Paris vibrates to the rhythm of the back-to-school fashion event:

Vogue Fashion Night Out. An exceptional shopping evening that transforms, as usual, the Faubourg-Saint-Honoré,

the rue Royale and the Palais Royal into fashionable and festive places. As every year, the participating

fashion houses showed their creativity by creating limited edition accessories for the occasion. Discover the exclusive collector’s items not to be missed;

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