The looks of the week

The looks of the week;Cara Delevingne in 10 funny faces;The Honolulu: the Satchel Kate bag by Saint Laurent

; Bella Hadid sportswear in the streets of Los Angeles:, Alessandra Ambrosio bohemian in Rio de Janeiro, Gwyneth Paltrow solar in the Hamptons …


in pictures of the looks of the week, spotted in hot spots around the world.

At each Snapchat, Instagram, Tweet … She triggers collective hysteria in the millennial generation. Superstar

of the digital age, Cara Delevingne is as famous for her career as for her casual attitude and funny faces. Zoom

in with GIFs;We love the Parisian house’s signature bag in a velvety version:, embroidered with sequins and multicolored pearls, whose paradisiacal influences echo the otherworldly trends for

winter 2022. Aloha as they say in Hawaii.

Satchel medium Kate monogrammed bag in black velvet and multicolored sequins and beads with a floral pattern,, Saint Laurent, 2,590 euros.

Designed by Ray Tetauira;

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