The top 12 most eccentric accessories of Fashion Week

The top 12 most eccentric accessories of Fashion Week;Street style: zoom on the sunglasses of the season;Snow

chic: Maje launches a collection dedicated to skiing;

Bag illuminated with LEDs signed Chanel, upgraded fan at Gucci, Mykita glasses in diamond cut glass for

Maison Margiela, swim cap to wear in the city according to Miu Miu … This season again, designers are

outdoing themselves in ingenuity to imagine ever crazier accessories. Futuristic, flashy or completely offbeat

… Focus on the 12 pieces that caught our attention during this Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Week, . Mirror glass or opaque black, round or graphic line, here are the most

beautiful frames worn by the


able girls spotted at the exit of the


shows of the Spring-Summer 2022-2022


Week;While winter is coming fast, Maje launches for the occasion a capsule


called “Off-Piste”. A large knitted sweater, overalls or a sheepskin chapka, an anti-freeze line available

from mid-October, reinventing the retro ski look;

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