UGG x YUGG x Y, Project: Glenn Martens reveals all the secrets of this star collaboration

UGG x Y/Project: Glenn Martens reveals all the secrets of this star collaboration

Iconic, fun, eclectic, versatile… That’s how Glenn Martens, head of Y/Project, defines his collaboration with the

Australian label. A true reinterpretation of the iconic lined boot, twisted with the streetwear DNA of the Parisian

label celebrating authenticity and uniqueness. As the pieces of this star collaboration are finally available, Glenn

Martens reveals all the secrets behind the creation of these statement boots.

Gioconda & August

Tell us about your background Glenn Martens: “I studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In 2022,

at the end of my studies, I immediately worked for Jean Paul Gaultier where I was in charge of the men’s and

women’s collections for one and a half years. I then worked with Yohan Serfaty, founder of Y/Project, and at

the same time I started my own label while freelancing. Four years ago, I was offered to take over Y/Project,

following the death of Yohan Serfaty. When I started, we had 7 Y/Project stores, today, 17.”

What did your victory in the ANDAM 2022 Grand Prix change? Glenn Martens: “Francesca Bellettini, CEO of Saint

Laurent, was my sponsor for 1 year and helped me on a daily basis. Before participating in the ANDAM Prize,

I had many opportunities, this prize also allowed me to have a real feedback from a professional. At the time,

I was already working for Y/Project, but the development was difficult because of cash flow problems. The ANDAM

Award was a real boost in managing that growth.” Courtesy of UGG x Y/Project

How did your meeting with UGG go? Glenn Martens: “We get a lot of requests for collaborations, but the one

with UGG was the first one that really excited me. The UGG lined boot is an authentic shoe as are the Y/Project

pieces. I also approached this collaboration as a creative challenge. What will we do with this iconic shoe?

We wanted to develop a true collection with the Y/Project twist while maintaining the signature authenticity

of UGG.” Courtesy of UGG x Y/Project

3 words to define UGG x Y/Project pieces?Glenn Martens: “Iconic, eclectic, versatile. But most of all fun.”

How was the creative process organized alongside UGG?Glenn Martens: “UGG gave the Y/Project team carte blanche. We

developed the models in two stages, a first part unveiled during the men’s fall-winter 2022-2022 show and then women’s

pieces with heels, all produced in eco-friendly woollen skin in the heart of the UGG workshops.” Courtesy of UGG x Y/Project

What were your main inspirations for this project? Glenn Martens: “Authenticity and comfort. The idea of

the Venus to embody this collaboration came to me at a party. UGG x Y/Project is a revisiting of a classic,

iconic and legendary shoe. To stage this statement piece, what better way than to use historical paintings

representing legendary gods and demi-gods such as Hercules, Omphale or Apollo? All the pieces are very fun

and that’s what we wanted to do with the visuals too. We chose three classic 18th century French paintings

by Francois Boucher, Alexandre Cabanel and Simon Vouet respectively, then cast models similar to the original

painting, which we integrated into the painting, without photoshop.”

Tell us about the launch, where and when will the pieces be available?Glenn Martens: “All of the pieces will

be available from October 1 at the Parisian concept store l’Eclaireur, Browns in London and on the

website” Instagram @badgalriri

If you had to pick just one, what would be the star piece of this collaboration? Why?Glenn Martens: “Definitely the

XXL boot with heels for girls, it’s intriguing and the statement piece par excellence. Experimentation is the Y/Project

signature and this model also makes a beautiful foot while maintaining the comfort of a pair of UGG.”

After Rihanna last April, which icon would you like to see wearing UGG x Y/Project pieces?Glenn Martens: : “There are so many different models… Anyone can wear them, in itself, that’s the concept of Y/Project, even

in the runway shows, we always chose eclectic profiles and the UGG x Y/Project collaboration is in that same line.”

Any new projects/challenges in the works?Glenn Martens: “We’re really focused on UGG right now. There may be other

projects in the works but it’s still a secret.”