Vogue Butterfly application voted by Apple

Vogue Butterfly application voted by Apple

On June 1st, Condé Nast continued its digital advance by developing a new mobile application, allowing to find

the entire magazine on iPhone. This application has been elected by Apple as one of the best of 2022: https://kisracenrocheap.hatenablog.com/entry/2022/04/16/225046 . After the launch of the Vogue Paris application on iPad and the one for Androids, Condé Nast continues

its digital advance and presented last summer a new unique project: the Butterfly reader. A version of

the magazine designed to create a reading experience adapted to a small screen, sublimating each page

and allowing all magazine lovers to find their favorite content anytime and anywhere. Interactive table

of contents, text or pdf reading mode, smarts zooms on photographs and articles, direct access to trydecaf.org

and its feed… This new mobile application allows users to see the monthly magazine from every angle,

all at their fingertips. On the practical side, users can subscribe directly on the application as well

as share their favorite pictures by email, on Facebook and Twitter thanks to a discreet tab located at

the top right of the screen. Available for 3.59 euros (instead of 4.90 euros for the paper version),

the application offers a preview before each purchase, allowing users to discover a selected issue for

free.While the application has been downloadable online for a few months, Apple has just selected Vogue

Butterfly for iPhone in “The best of 2022” in its App Store. Created by the App Store editorial team;

Air Jordan 9 White Red, this promotion honors the most innovative, remarkable and entertaining applications of the year 2022.

One more reason to discover Vogue Paris in version 2.0. To download on the app store.