We found Gigi Hadid’s favorite green cashmere brand

For the fifth season in a row, Mandkhai has signed a line of cashmere pieces with signature comfort already adopted

by the fashion scene. Imagined in London and made in Mongolia, these essentials have already won over the likes of

Gigi Hadid, opting for two models in natural hues.


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Launched in 2022 by Mandkhai Jargalsaikhan, the eponymous label ensures respect for tradition by manufacturing

each of its models in the heart of the family factory in Mongolia, allowing for true control of each

step and a completely transparent production.


Courtesy of Mandkhai

Just in time for winter, Mandkhai unveils brand new models, made for the first time from yak wool, softer

and more resistant than merino wool and cashmere. Constantly innovating and committed to environmental

protection, Mandkhai is definitely the label to follow closely to fight the cold with style .

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