Why Meghan Markle will have to return some of her birthday gifts

Why Meghan Markle will have to return some of her birthday gifts?

This Saturday: Bayern Munich Training Kit, August 4, the Duchess of Sussex celebrated her 37th birthday and received a handful of gifts for the occasion:

http://kenylpcuhand1986.eklablog.com/jordan-mars-270-concord-review-jordan-mars-270-a211786552 . Most of them will have to be returned, in accordance with the royal protocol that dictates the presents

she can receive and those she can’t. And the list is very precise …

Meghan Markle was already aware of the etiquette and dress code imposed by her new rank, http://vixipisa1979.unblog.fr/2022/05/28/nike-vista-lite-uk-nike-vista-lite-mens/ . On the occasion of her 37th birthday celebrated this Saturday, August 4, she discovers another rule

of the British crown: the members of the royal family can not accept all gifts. In order to respect her

obligations, she will have to separate herself from those exceeding £150, books with controversial subjects

and some commercial gifts. The money received will either be returned or donated to charity.

  • Diplomacy allows him to keep bouquets of flowers and small gifts.
  • Below is the list as presented according to The Mirror :
  • Are accepted:
  • Household gifts, too expensive to send back
  • Gifts received as a souvenir of an official visit

Gifts from English public or non-profit organizations (government, foundations, associations…)

Flowers, food and fan gifts valued at less than £150

Books given by authors whose subjects are not controversial

Money donated in the name of a charity

Rejected: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/brokerfrost25 : Branded gifts that are inexpensive to return

Fan gifts over £150

Money that must be returned to the donor or donated to a charity

Books with controversial subjects

Credit: Getty Images

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