Why we love Maison Cléo

Why we love Maison Cléo, French label already spotted by Emily Ratajkowski

With Maison Cléo, Marie and her mom Nathalie – aka Cléo – want to set the fashion clock back. A concerned

label, fighting against overproduction by making over-orders from pure luxury fabric scraps. And this, with

an unwavering optimism and a freshness to any test. Meet.

What is the concept of Maison Cléo? Marie and Nathalie: “Made-to-order and custom-made clothes as it was the

case at the beginning of the last century. Already made fabrics from leftovers of big fashion houses, designers

or suppliers. And never synthetic.”

Who are you? “A mother and daughter with a passion for fashion. Marie, the daughter, has a degree in communications

and is a manager at Vestiaire Collective in the morning, and the DA of Maison Cléo in the afternoon and on

weekends. Nathalie aka Cléo, the mom, a lifelong seamstress, who now works for the brand full time.”

How does it feel to work as a family? “It’s great. We can be frank, and thus more efficient. It’s also a lot

of fun. My mom is like my best friend.”

Why we love Maison Cléo

What inspires you? “Everything: From my grandmother’s wardrobe filled with ruffles, florals and puffy sleeves

(all the trends of today in short) to the girls you see walking by on the street, on Instagram, to old movies

to the icons of the 60s and 90s.”

If you had to describe the brand in a few words? “Authentic, unique, family friendly, affordable.”

 French label already spotted by Emily Ratajkowski


Who is the Maison Cleo girl? “A girl who understands that it’s time to pay attention to how she consumes

fashion. There is no need to produce fabrics if they already exist, just as it is possible to wait one to

two weeks to receive a garment that will be made only to order (to avoid waste and overproduction). A girl

of any size too. Since everything is custom made, we cater to all body types.”

What does it mean to have style today? “Dare to wear what you want, to go to the end of your desires without

worrying about the opinion of others, to please yourself to feel good about yourself and reflect it to others!

A style is more an attitude than a look.”


A tip to know? “Be on time on the e-shop on Wednesday at 6:30pm for the opening.”

An ultimate icon? “Laetitia Casta.”

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