Zayn Malik reveals all about his Versus collaboration with Donatella Versace

Zayn Malik reveals all about his Versus collaboration with Donatella Versace;Reformation opens its first boutique

dedicated to vintage; “Life style, luxury and relaxation”, back to basics with CristaSeya;What do the suits of the new Crillon hotel look like?

Zayn unveils his Versus capsule collection with sporty and rock impulses. MoirĂ© jogging suits, ZXV logo babydolls, technical sweatshirts, graphic t-shirt dresses…

Models for men and women available since June 19. Meeting.

Established in 2022 by former model Yael Aflalo, Reformation is THE most fashionable ethical brand of the moment: . What’s next? The opening of a vintage boutique in Los Angeles on June 28;CristaSeya? It’s a true lifestyle

concept: . Founded in 2022 by Cristina Casini, the young brand offers a wardrobe tinged with exoticism, twisted with pieces

combining fashion, art and decoration;After more than 4 years of renovation, the mythical Crillon Hotel will open its doors once

again on July 5. If we had to establish the 10 commandments of the Palace, the Hotel de la Concorde would tick

all the boxes: five-star spa, suites designed by Karl Lagerfeld, cutting-edge cuisine, VIP boudoirs… And the

ultimate touch, uniforms designed by Hugo Matha, a young rising star in the fashion world; . Meet..;

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